How to report reviews from your business account

We want companies to report reviews for the right reasons and in the right way. Here’s a step-by-step guide to reporting reviews that violate our guidelines via your Trustpilot business account.

Before you report a review

In many cases, the best thing to do is reply to the review. People appreciate businesses listening to their feedback and following up on complaints. In our experience, companies that engage can win over unhappy customers, gain respect from new customers and resolve issues. Note also that if reviewers change their opinion about a company, they can update their review to reflect that.

If you still want to report a review, get to know the five reasons why companies can report service reviews and note that disagreeing with the reviewer about what happened isn’t one of them. We have to take a neutral stance in respect to disputes between companies and reviewers because we're not in a position to determine which set of facts is correct.

Note: As of April 2020, a review can only be reported for one reason at a time. If there’s more than one problem with the review, please report for the most serious reason.

How to report a service review

  1. Log in to your business account.
  2. Go to Reviews > Service reviews on the left-hand menu. Find the review you intend to report and below that review, click Report.
  3. A window will appear explaining the reporting steps. Click Continue to create a report.
  4. Choose the reason you are reporting the review and click Continue.
  5. For some of the reporting reasons, you’ll be asked to highlight the problematic parts of the review.
  6. A report summary will show the reason you selected and information about what happens next. Check the box that you understand misusing the reporting tool is a breach of our Guidelines for Businesses. Click Submit.

Note: Reporting product reviews is slightly different. Read more.

How long does it take to process a report?

That depends. If we need to get in touch with the reviewer, we normally give them seven days to respond. Sometimes there’s a bit of back and forth, like when the reviewer edits their review but it’s still not compliant, so we give them another seven days to make the requested changes.

See the status of reported reviews

You can track the status of reported reviews in Trustpilot Business > Reviews > Service reviews. Find the review you've reported and click Show more in the upper-right corner. We’ll also notify you about the outcome.

You can also get an overview of all your reporting activities in Trustpilot Business > Reviews > Service reviews > Reporting activity.