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How to report reviews from your Business Account Follow

If a review doesn’t meet our guidelines, you can report the review to our Compliance Team, along with an explanation to our community as to why it doesn't belong on Trustpilot. The review will be temporarily hidden while we investigate it, but your reason for reporting will be public and visible to everyone.

Key points to consider before reporting

Customer reviews are the essence of Trustpilot's online review community. Our aim is to provide a neutral space with trustworthy reviews that can help you learn how to improve your customer service and thereby boost your reputation.

If you disagree with the reviewer about the course of events surrounding a review, we suggest that you don't in fact report the review. We have to take a neutral stance in respect to disputes between companies and reviewers because we’re not in a position to determine which set of facts is correct.

In such cases, the best option for businesses is usually to respond to the review by leaving a company reply below it.

In our experience, companies that actively and openly reply to their customers have a good chance of gaining credibility and respect, and resolving issues. Note also that reviewers are able to edit their reviews to reflect a changed opinion of the company.

To report reviews correctly, it helps to know our User Guidelines (UK version, US version). We also have a quick guide to our User Guidelines on our Support Center site.

How to report a service review

  1. Log on to your business account, on b2b.trustpilot.com.
  2. Click on Service Reviews on the left-hand side and find the review you intend to report. Below that review, click on Report.
  3. This window will appear:
  4. Take a close look at the example showing how public reporting reasons appear on your Trustpilot company profile page. Then either click Continue to reporting to move on to creating a report, or Cancel to go back to the reviews.
  5. If you choose to report, this window will appear:
  6. Select the relevant reason for reporting the review and explain why you believe it violates Trustpilot's User Guidelines; then click Report this review now to submit the report. The review will be temporarily hidden while we investigate it, but your reason for reporting the review will be public and visible to everyone. Our investigation usually takes around 7 days, but can take a little longer depending on the case.
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