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How to Create and Customize your review invitation email

If you’d like to create a tailor made invitation email to match your company branding, you have the possibility to customize our optimized email invitation template. You can modify the text, color, font, and add your own logo.

Simply log in to your Trustpilot Business Account and follow these steps:

  • Go to Invitations
  • Click on Template Editor
  1. To select the language of your template, click on Select template. Select the language of your choice and then click Continue.
  2. To start customizing your template:
    • Click on Edit template
    • Provide a name for your template
    • Click Save

You are now in Edit mode.

  1. Customize your template using the tool bar. You can use special placeholders in the email which will be replaced when we send the email:
    • [Name] The name of the customer (or 'customer' if unknown).
    • [Link] The one-click review link.
    • [DomainName] The name of the website.
    • [Order] The reference number.
    • [UnsubscribeLink] The mandatory unsubscribe link.
    • [Stars] The Trustpilot star rating element.
    You can also add your own company logo to the template by following this video guide:

  2. Once you have made your changes, save your template. You are now ready to send the invitations or make a test to your email address.

This is how your customers will see the email:

You can find your customized template by clicking on Select Template. You can edit your template whenever you wish.



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