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Include an Unsubscribe link in invitations

Legally, you must include an unsubscribe link in your invitation template. This is why all templates in the Template Library already have an unsubscribe link included.

This is one of several legal requirements that need to be taken into account when developing email templates. The requirements are mostly related to spam laws, including the CAN-SPAM Act in the US.

How do I include an unsubscribe link in my custom template?

Click on Source in your custom template, and once you see the HTML code, include one of the examples below within the HTML to include the unsubscribe link.

Please note that the [UnsubscribeLink] placeholder in your custom template is case sensitive.

The following are some examples of how to incorporate unsubscribe text in your HTML:

  • Example 1: <p>If you don't want to receive these review invitations from Trustpilot in the future, please <a href="[UnsubscribeLink]" target="_blank">unsubscribe.</a></p>
  • Example 2: <p><a href="[UnsubscribeLink]" target="_blank">Unsubscribe</a> from all Trustpilot invitations.</p>

What happens when a user clicks on unsubscribe?

When a user clicks unsubscribe, they won't receive any future review invitations sent using the Trustpilot invitation service - neither from you, nor any other company.

For example, example.com sends a review invitation using Trustpilot to a user, and the user then clicks on the unsubscribe link. Later, adifferentexample.com sends a review invitation to the same user using Trustpilot. The invitation from adifferentexample.com won't be delivered to the user because they've previously unsubscribed from Trustpilot. So, unsubscribe is not at the website level; it's from all Trustpilot invitations.

The Invitation History Unsubscribe codes

  • Status Code 22 (Not delivered - User has unsubscribed): The invitation could not be delivered because the recipient has previously unsubscribed.
  • Status Code 29 (Delivered, but user unsubscribed): The invitation was delivered, but the user unsubscribed through the invitation.

What if my invitation template doesn't contain the unsubscribe link?

It's mandatory to include an unsubscribe link, so Trustpilot automatically includes the unsubscribe URL at the bottom of all invitation emails that don't already have one. The accompanying text is always in English, so if you want to keep your templates consistent, you should add the unsubscribe placeholder yourself to all of your live custom templates.



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