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AFS 1.0 + 2.0 Guide: Volusion

The below steps will help you set up Volusion to work together with Trustpilot.


1) Log on to the Volusion Dashboard/Admin
2) Go to Settings > Company
3) Under Email click More
4) In the field CC Orders To fill in your unique Trustpilot email address and click Save

Template Editor

Go to Design, then choose the OrderConfirmation_To_Merchant.asp file and follow the on-screen instructions you see here: 

Copy this code

<script type="application/json+trustpilot">
  "recipientName": "$(Bill_FirstName) $(Bill_LastName)",
  "referenceId": "$(OrderNo)",
  "recipientEmail": "$(EmailAddress)"


Set up your email template(s) to pull in the following customer information:

  • Email address - placed in the body of the email
  • The customer’s name - placed in the greeting
    (Note: In cases where a name cannot be identified, ‘Customer’ will be used instead).
  • Reference number - placed in the Subject field or the body of the email

Please note that the sender’s email address must contain the domain of the webshop e.g. info@[DOMAINNAME]. If you happen to be sending order confirmations from other domains, make sure to add them to your whitelist. This way Trustpilot knows what emails are allowed to trigger invitations to your customers.

How to add additional domains to your whitelist:

Go to your Trustpilot Dashboard and click on Invitations. Then choose Automatic Feedback Service and scroll down to Domains that trigger invitations. Add the domain(s) that are allowed to send trigger-emails to Trustpilot, e.g. orders.myshop.com.



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