Configure your Automatic Feedback Service (AFS) invitation settings

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Before you can start using the Automatic Feedback Service, you need to configure some settings in your Trustpilot Business application.

When you use the Automatic Feedback Service (AFS), Trustpilot receives copies of your order confirmation emails. This triggers a review invitation email to be sent to that customer. It's a simple way to invite customers to leave reviews and start gathering the feedback you need in order to make your business better.

Once you've configured AFS, you can adjust your email settings, invitation frequency, and sender information.

Note: Still running AFS 1.0? Upgrade to AFS 2.0 to get a wider range of functionality.

Invitation settings

There are several additional settings that you can configure to further customize your AFS setup.

In Trustpilot Business > Get Reviews > Invitation Settings > Email settings, you can choose a language for your email templates, and then select specific templates to use when you send product and service review invitations. You can also specify which landing page your customers should be sent to.

Invitation frequency and reminders

Once you've set up AFS, you can configure when invitation emails should be sent to your customers. If you use product reviews, you can specify if you want to send those invitations with the service review invitation or if they should be sent separately.

It's also a good idea to set up invitation reminders. They're messages that you send to customers who didn't respond to your first invitations. Invitation reminders can increase your current conversion rate by up to 35%, so they're definitely a useful tool that helps you gather more feedback from your customers.

You can find both the frequency and reminder settings in Trustpilot Business > Get Reviews > Invitation Settings > Timing and frequency.

Sender Information

To make sure that your customers' invitation emails don't end up in the spam folder, it's important that you set up your Sender Information correctly.