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Automatic Feedback Service (AFS) and Invitation Settings

Please note that these instructions only apply to those who have not yet upgraded to AFS 2.0. Click here for the AFS 2.0 guide.

Automatic Feedback Service 2.0 introduces a smarter and far more powerful way to integrate your eCommerce store with Trustpilot, by sending auto invitations to your customers. With AFS 2.0 you can increase the number of clients who respond to your invitations in several ways. At the invitation set up stage, you can include Trustpilot’s interactive stars in your invitation template. Adding these interactive stars to your invitation template can increase your current conversion rate by up to 61%. Additionally, you can now optimize your conversion rate by specifying the exact date and time to deliver your invitations. Yet another benefit of AFS 2.0 is pre-tagging. For example, you can pre-tag your reviews and collect data such as city, shipping methods, or sales agent, and thereby gain insights into your business - helping you make smarter business decisions. Finally, with AFS 2.0 you can include the products your customers have purchased, allowing them to leave both a service review and a product review through the same invitation. Click here to upgrade now or contact our Support Team or your Account Manager to make the switch today.

Before you start using the Automatic Feedback Service, you will need to configure some settings in your Trustpilot Business Portal.

Automatic Feedback Service

  • Go to Invitations on the left side panel
  • Select the tab Automatic Feedback Service

In this section you will find your unique AFS email address. Configure your webshop or email system to send a copy of your order confirmations to this address as BCC.

Note: Never place your AFS email address in the "CC:" or the "To:" fields when you email your customers. It's confidential and should not be seen by your customers.

Sender Information

To ensure that the invitation emails that are being sent are never regarded as spam, it is important that you set up your Sender Information. For further reading please refer to this article.

Additional domains

If you would like to send emails to Trustpilot from other domains, you can add them to your whitelist or simply select the option Allow any domain to send trigger-emails*.

*Note: Trigger emails are emails that prompt Trustpilot to send an invitation to your customers.

You can also add subdomains to this list, for example "noreply.domain.com", or domains like gmail.com.

Once you have configured your settings, you are ready to customize your email template.

Finish by clicking on Save.

Invitation Frequency and Reminders

Trustpilot will automatically cancel any future invitations once a customer has already reviewed your company, or if we have already sent an invitation to the customer with the same reference number. Trustpilot also gives you the option to set a limit on how often your returning customers receive invitations.

By activating the invitation reminders feature, you can remind customers to write a review if they haven’t done so yet. This way you’ll ensure that customers who didn’t leave a review after the first email invitation will receive a reminder. It is also possible to set a delay with the invitation reminders feature.

  • In your Business Portal go to Invitations
  • Choose the tab Invitation Settings
  • Select the relevant option
  • Finish by clicking save changes



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