Configure your sender information

To optimize your delivery rates, make sure you set up your sender information correctly. You don't want your review invites ending up in the spam filter!

If you use Trustpilot to send review invitations, you must set up your Sender Information. This ensures that your invitations have the highest possible chance of successful delivery, instead of your message ending up in your customers' junk mail.

Sender Name

The Sender Name is what most email clients display in the recipient’s inbox as the person or company sending the email. Use your company’s name so customers know who's sending the invitation request.

Reply-to Email

The Reply-to Email is the email address recipients respond to if they reply to your invitation instead of posting a review (for example, Use an email address that you or someone else in your company checks regularly.

Your login email is the default Reply-to Email address. To change this:

  • In Trustpilot Business > Get Reviews > Invitation Settings > Email settings, click the Manage your Reply-to Emails link and enter a different email address.

Different domain names

If your reply-to and sender emails have different domain addresses than your Trustpilot profile, contact our Support Team to add an additional allowed sender domain.

Sender Email

When you send an invitation, you can:

  • Send from Trustpilot's default sender address, This helps to optimize the delivery rate.
  • Send from your own domain.

If you use your own domain, Trustpilot sends out the invitations on your behalf, using your email for the sender email.

  • To maximize successful delivery, add to your SPF record. This gives Trustpilot permission to send the invitations. Without that statement in your SPF record, you risk that your invitations won't be sent.

If your mail server doesn't have a valid SPF record, your invitations may not be delivered properly.

If you do have an SPF record, set it up to include Trustpilot and modify it to include the Trustpilot statement.