Configure your invitation email settings

It’s important that you set up your email settings correctly, so that your invitations are delivered successfully and don’t end up filtered as spam. 

To reach the email settings page and configure your settings:

se In Trustpilot Business, go to Settings > Invitation settings > Email settings.

Select your template

Choose the default templates you'd like to use when you invite your customers to leave service and product reviews. You can read more about invitation templates and how to configure them in this article.

Company Identifier

The Company Identifier is used in invitation templates to help your customers recognize your business. You can choose to display the name of your business or domain name.  

Sender Name

The Sender Name is what's displayed in the recipient’s inbox as the person or business sending the email. Use your business's name so customers know where the invitation is coming from.

Reply-to address

The Reply-to address is the email address recipients respond to if they reply to your invitation instead of posting a review. Your Trustpilot login email is the default address, but you can change this by clicking Manage your Reply-to emails.

Sender Email

You can choose to send invitations from Trustpilot's default sender address, or from your own domain.

Customizing your sender email address requires you to upgrade to the Advanced, or Enterprise plan.

We recommend sending from Trustpilot, which optimizes the delivery rate. If you use your own domain, you’ll need to enter it manually and consider setting up an SPF record.

Landing Page

You can choose which landing page you would like your customers to be sent to. Under Invitations landing page to send customers to, choose your desired locale using the drop-down.

Privacy policy link

You can choose whether or not you'd like to include a link to your Privacy Policy in the footer of review invitations.

If you want to learn how to configure your invitation timing and frequency, check out this article.

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