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Select and apply for categories using your Trustpilot Business account so customers can compare your company with other similar businesses.

What are categories?

Trustpilot features a comprehensive list of company categories to assign to your business. Categories make it easier for consumers to find your company on Trustpilot, so it's important that your categories match your business area.

You can choose one primary category. The primary category should be the business area where your company does most of its business.

In addition to your primary category, choose up to five additional categories to describe business activities that aren't covered by your primary business category. Please note that this is per country.

The Trustpilot categories are based on the Google My Business category system.

  • If your company has a Google My Business account, select the same primary and additional categories (six in total) as you have in Google My Business.
  • If you don’t have Google My Business, it’s not a problem. Then simply choose the category that fits your business area most accurately.

Note: Categories are assigned on a per-country basis.

Apply for a category

  1. In Trustpilot Business > Company Profile > Categories, select your main category and click the Continue button.
  2. Then click on a category and click the Save category button.
    • You can repeat the selection process to add up to a total of six categories. The first category you select will automatically be your primary category.
  3. When you've finished selecting categories, click the Send in request button. This sends your category application to our Compliance Team for verification.
  4. To speed up the application process, describe why your company fits within these categories. For example, include a URL to link a web page where you describe your company's main products/services, or briefly describe your company’s main products/services to help our Compliance Team verify your application.

The approved categories will be listed under the Your current categories section, on the category module. Once your request has been approved, it can take up to 2 business days for your domain to appear on Trustpilot’s category page.

Apply for additional categories

Repeat this procedure to add additional categories. Just make sure that you don't apply for more than six categories for each of your business's domains.

Remove a category

  1. In Trustpilot Business > Company Profile > Categories, under the Add or change categories heading, enable the toggle switch.
  2. Under the Change your categories section, click the trash icon for the category you want to remove. Repeat the same action to remove more than one category.
  3. Click the Send in request button.

Change categories

It's easy. Remove the category, and then apply for a category.

Tips for selecting categories

  • Think about which categories best describe your company’s main business/industry.
  • Think about which categories cover the products and services that make up your company's main profit centers.
  • If your company has a Google My Business account, we advise you to select the same categories as you have in Google My Business.

What we look at to verify your category application

  • Is there a section on your website that shows that you sell products/services relevant to the category application?
  • Does the application fit with Trustpilot's category definitions, which define all of the categories available on Trustpilot?
  • Does this seem consistent with industry classifications on government business registration sites (such as The US Securities & Exchange Commission, in the UK, or in Denmark)?

When can your category application be approved?

When can your category application be rejected?

  • If you have not directed us to an active section of your website that shows your business sells the products/services that are relevant to the category or categories applied for. Note that if your website is under maintenance or not active yet, we won't be able to verify whether you sell the products/services that are relevant to the category you have applied for.
  • If your industry classification – according to government business registration guidelines (such as in the UK or in Denmark) and third-party business data providers (Google My Business and Datanyze) – is not relevant to the category or categories you applied for.
  • If you are already assigned to six categories and have applied for additional ones. Businesses can only assign a maximum of six categories to each domain. If you want to change categories, please delete some of your categories before applying for new ones.


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