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Find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Trustpilot’s business categories here.

What criteria does a business need to meet in order to appear within a category?

Once a business has received 1 review and has at least 1 category assigned to it, it appears on the category's page in the country where their domain is registered.

Can I suggest a new category?

Unfortunately, no. Trustpilot categories are based on Google Business Profile categories, so it's not possible to suggest new ones.

How does Trustpilot determine category rankings?

All businesses are eligible to be ranked as ‘best’ within a category. But they must meet 2 requirements:

  1. The business must have collected 25 or more reviews in the past 12 months.
  2. The business must have the 'Asking for reviews' status label.

Businesses that meet these 2 requirements are then ranked according to their TrustScore and number of reviews.

Example: Business A meets the two minimum requirements for ranking within a category and has a higher TrustScore than Business B. Business A will rank higher in that category, even if it has fewer reviews than Business B. If Business A and Business B have the same TrustScore, the business with more reviews will be ranked higher.

This criteria ensures that the ranked businesses in a category actively promote trust and transparency by continuously asking for feedback from their customers.

Why is my business only ranked in one country?

Category rankings are country-specific. If you have multiple domains, each domain receives a category ranking for the Trustpilot domain it's registered to. To check your ranking, go to the Trustpilot domain that corresponds to the country that's associated with your domain (for example, for Denmark).

My business's domain is registered in Germany, but most of our sales are in France. Can I have my domain categorized on instead of

Yes, you can. You can register your domain in one country for your Trustpilot Business account, and a separate country for your business’s profile page. To change your profile's category, contact your Customer Success Manager.

How do category filters work?

Consumers can apply different filters to compare businesses listed in a particular category. They can filter by the number of reviews a business has received, the time period in which they were collected, and the business's status label.

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