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Our category system makes it easier for everyone to search for and compare businesses. Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about categories here.

What are categories?

Trustpilot features several thousand company categories. Our categories are based on the Google My Business category system. This makes it easier to consistently find and compare companies across the internet.

They're classified into main categories (such as "Shopping & Fashion" or "Electronics & Technology") and sub-categories (like "Clothing Store" or "Cell Phone Store").

How do I know which categories best fit my business?

Here are things to consider when you want to assign a category to your business:

  1. Which categories best describe your company’s main business or industry?
  2. Which categories cover the products and services that make up your company's main profit centers?
  3. If your company has a Google My Business account, check your Google My Business categories and select similar categories for your Trustpilot profile.

How many categories can I choose?

You can choose one primary category - this should be the business area where your company does most of its business. You can also choose up to five additional categories to describe business activities that aren't covered by your primary business category.

Can I suggest a new category?

Unfortunately, no. Our categories are based on Google's My Business categories, so it's not possible to suggest new company categories.

I've found a business in the wrong category. Can Trustpilot move it?

A business that's in a wrong category should be removed or reassigned to a more relevant one, but we'll only reassign a business if the new suggested category matches the business's products or services. If a business sells products or services relevant to the category it's already in, the business stays in that category.

To let us know about a business that you think is in the wrong category, email our Support Team and they'll look into it.

How does Trustpilot determine category rankings?

To rank in a category, a company needs to meet two requirements:

  1. The company must have collected 25 or more reviews in the past 12 months.
  2. The company must have the 'Asking for reviews' status. This indicates that the company actively asks for reviews from its customers.

These requirements ensure that consumers see the companies that actively promote trust and transparency online by continuously soliciting feedback from their customers.

Note: If a company doesn’t have the 'Asking for reviews' status, it's still in a category but won’t have a ranking until it starts actively asking for reviews.

Okay. A company's in a category. Now what?

Companies that meet the category ranking requirements are then ranked according to their:

  1. TrustScore 
  2. Number of reviews

For example, Company A meets the two minimum requirements for ranking within a category and has a higher TrustScore than Company B. Company A will rank higher in that particular category, even if it has fewer reviews than company B.

If Company A and Company B have the same TrustScore, the company with more reviews will be ranked higher.

How does a company get the 'Asking for reviews' status?

It doesn’t matter if you’re on a free or paid plan – all companies can get the 'Asking for reviews' status.  The status label will change automatically when a company meets either of the following criteria:

  • The company has sent at least 50 invitations in the past 365 days using Trustpilot's invitation services.
  • The company has sent invitations using its own systems and received at least one review in the past 30 days.

Why is my business only ranked in one country? Why not the other local Trustpilot domains (such as,, or

Category rankings are country-specific. If you have multiple domains, each domain receives a category ranking for the Trustpilot domain it's registered to. To check your ranking, go to the Trustpilot domain that corresponds to the country that's associated with your domain (for example, for Denmark).

My company's domain is registered in Germany, but most of our sales are in France. Can I have my domain categorized on instead of

Yes, you can. You can register your domain in one country for your Business Account, and a separate country for the company's Trustpilot profile. To change your profile's category, contact your Customer Success Manager.

What criteria does a business need to meet to appear in a category?

Once a business has received one review and has at least one category assigned to it, it appears on the relevant category page in the country where the business domain is registered.

How do category filters work?

Consumers can apply different filters to compare companies listed in a particular category. This shows which companies are regularly reviewed and if those companies actively use Trustpilot to ask for reviews or not.

You can filter by:

  • The number of reviews the company received.
  • The time period in which the reviews were collected.
  • Trustpilot profile status'Asking for reviews', 'Claimed', or 'Unclaimed'.