Which documents help us verify your review?

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Providing us with documentation of your personal buying or service experience lets us verify that you're eligible to write a review. This helps us create a more trustworthy online review community.

When do we ask for documentation?

Anyone who has had a genuine experience with a business in the past 12 months can write a review — as explained in our guidelines. Sometimes we'll need to ask for documentation in order to verify your experience. For example, when:

  • Our dedicated software flags your review and removes it from Trustpilot.
  • Another user of our platform flags your review because they have reason to believe it is fabricated.

What do we mean by documentation?

We're looking for documentation that connects you to the buying or service experience you've described. For example, you could send one of the following:

  • Order confirmations
  • Invoices or receipts
  • Delivery notes or reports
  • Screenshots of your logged-in user profile
  • Your email conversation with the reviewed business
  • Your phone call history or text messages where the relevant phone numbers can be linked to the reviewed business

This isn't an exhaustive list. If you don't have one of the documents listed here, please send us what you do have if you believe it demonstrates a buying or service experience with the business, and we’ll be happy to consider it.

Our Content Integrity Agents can also help suggest what sort of documentation might be relevant for your particular type of experience.

What do we look for in documentation?

We always check that the name of the reviewed business is clearly visible in the documentation.

We also take into consideration other elements in the documentation, such as the date, name, and reference number, and make sure they're in line with our rules on who can write a review and when.

Here's a more detailed explanation of what we look at, using an order confirmation as an example:

Order confirmation example

What documentation formats can we accept?

Unfortunately it's not enough to tell us some of the details about your experience (for example, writing your order number), as we can't verify it. We really need to see original documentation that includes the company's name or domain.

That's why we recommend taking a screenshot of your documentation, which you can add directly into your message to us, or add as an attachment.

How to take a screenshot

We know that not everyone's an IT whiz. For help with creating screenshots, see this guide.

How to submit documentation

If you have received an email asking for documentation to verify your review, please send your documents in a reply to that email.

For more information on attaching a file in an email, please see this guide.

Alternatively, you're welcome to submit documentation via our contact form.

Sensitive information

We process data in line with our Privacy Policy.

Please don't send us any sensitive documents — for example, copies of passports or medical records. If your documentation contains sensitive information, such as bank account details, please be sure to redact or black out those parts before sending it to us.

We never share your documentation with the reviewed company.

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