How should I reply to reviews?

Reviews from your customers provide valuable feedback for your business. Replying to reviews helps you build trust and engage in an open conversation.

That's why we strongly advise business users to take the time to respond and communicate with both happy and unhappy customers, and to view reading and replying to your customer reviews as an important part of managing customer feedback.

Here are our top tips to help you respond in a way that reflects favorably on you and your business:

  1. Reply appropriately. Never argue with your customers. Take note of what is being said, then respond in an appropriate and professional way. Consider providing the customer with your contact information so that you can resolve the issue offline. Remember that your replies are public and that other potential customers will be able to see them.
  2. Be brief. Don't go into details when responding to a negative review. Simply express your apologies and contact the customer offline if necessary. Always give a personalized response and show empathy.
  3. Remember that nobody is perfect. Learn from both positive and negative reviews. Your customers are giving you some valuable feedback. With positive reviews, your customers are confirming what you are doing right and with the negative reviews, they are giving you feedback on areas you can improve.
  4. Remember your replies are public. It's very important to remember that consumers pay close attention to how a company reacts and responds to negative reviews. Responding to a negative comment demonstrates how engaged and caring your company is. When you show that your company listens and responds positively to feedback, you create a sense of trust.
  5. Thank your customers. Regardless of whether the review is positive or negative, if you always finish on a positive note, you show your audience that you appreciate their time and that you are approachable.

To respond to a review, log in to your Trustpilot Business Account and select Service Reviews.

The Service Reviews screen provides you with an overview of your reviews. On this screen, you can create, edit and delete replies to comments, and share reviews on social media. You can also tag reviews and apply filters to sort and analyze reviews.

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