How to reply to reviews

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Replying to reviews from customers can help you build trust and engage in an open conversation. Read our steps and tips on how to reply.

Trustpilot strongly advises businesses to take the time to respond and communicate with both happy and unhappy customers, and to view it as an important part of managing feedback.

Reply to reviews

  1. In Trustpilot Business, go to Manage reviews. Select the type of review you want to reply to: Service reviews or Product reviews. Go to the Inbox of the review type.
  2.  Find the review you want to respond to. If you're replying to a service review, you can reply directly below the review. If you're replying to a product review, you'll need to click Reply.
  3. Type your reply into the reply field.
  4. Click Post reply.
  5. If you want to edit your reply, click Edit reply and make your changes. Then click Post updated reply.

Tips for replying to reviews

  • Reply appropriately. Never argue with your customers. Take note of what is being said, then respond professionally. When you show that your business listens and responds well to feedback, you create a sense of trust.
  • Be brief. Don't go into details when responding to a negative review. Express your apologies, give a personalized response, and show empathy.
  • Remember your replies are public. Potential and other customers pay close attention to how a business reacts and responds to reviews. Responding can demonstrate how engaged and caring your business is.
  • Thank your customers. Regardless of whether a review is positive or negative, finish your reply on a positive note, to show that you appreciate their time and that you’re approachable.

Use AI to reply to reviews

This feature is included in the Enterprise plan.

You can now use AI to reply to reviews.

This feature has been designed to help you respond to more reviews in less time with AI-generated suggested replies tailored to each review.

It's important to note that no AI replies will be published without your approval. You maintain complete control, and can review, edit, or replace the reply as necessary.

This feature is available for all languages supported in your Trustpilot Business account.

If you just signed up to the Enterprise plan, this feature will only be accessible for reviews generated after the commencement of your contract.

The text box in which the auto-generated text will populate with a highlighted button to generate the reply

  1. In Trustpilot Business go to Manage reviews > Service reviews > Inbox.
  2. Click the Generate reply button to instantly generate a response.
  3. An auto-generated text will appear in the Write a reply… text box.

    Help us improve by letting us know what you think of the generated AI response by clicking the thumbs up or the thumbs down icon. Select the reason for your response and provide us with more details if you'd like. Then click Send feedback.

  4. Review, edit, regenerate, or replace the text in your reply. If you want to regenerate a new reply, click Regenerate.
  5. When you're happy with how it looks, click Post reply.
  6. If you want to edit your posted reply, click Edit reply and make your changes. Then click Post updated reply.

An example of an auto-generated reply based on a review

Please be aware of the following limitations:

  • This feature is only available for Service reviews.
  • Reviews must contain more than four words to generate a response.
  • Responses cannot be generated if a review has been flagged.
  • A maximum of 10 AI responses can be generated per review.

  • You can only generate replies to reviews in accordance with your selected language settings in your Trustpilot Business account.

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