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Creating a File Of Your Customers for Uploading

This article shows you how to create the right file for uploading your customer information, enabling you to use some of Trustpilot's features, including manual invitations.

Which files can I use?

You can either use a TXT or CSV file. They can be created in most versions of Excel. Another good option is Notepad, or you can also use a simple text editor.

To ensure that special characters (or non Western European characters) are shown correctly in your invitations, please save your file using UTF-8 encoding.

Using Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a free application from Google that can help you convert files to a format that works well for ensuring your invitation files are correctly formatted.

Start by uploading your sheet to Google Sheets, or open a new sheet and paste in the values. Check the document and ensure everything looks correct, then select Download as from the Files menu, and select Comma Separated Values.

Using Microsoft Excel

Some versions of Microsoft Excel support saving CSV in UTF-8 format (the format you need for Trustpilot). However, since not all versions of Excel have this feature, we highly recommend using Google Sheets as described above.

To create a file in Microsoft Excel, start by creating a spreadsheet containing the email, name and reference number of your customers.

Note: email, name and reference number are mandatory inputs and columns must be in a specific order: (1) email, (2) name, (3) reference number.

Your spreadsheet should look like the example below:

Once the spreadsheet is ready, it must be saved as a Comma Separated File. Go to the Save as menu and select CSV in the Save as type drop-down options:

In order to ensure that any international characters are correct in your invitations, find the small Tools button and select Web Options. In this dialogue, find the tab labeled Encoding and select Unicode (UTF -8).

Click OK and then Save. Now you should have a perfectly formatted file for uploading into the Invite Customers module.



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