Why are some reviews marked "Verified"?

When a review on Trustpilot is marked "Verified", it means we've verified that the reviewer has had a genuine experience with the business.

This happens when the business uses our automated invitation tools to invite customers to leave a review. It also happens when the reviewer has given us documentation showing their buying or service experience.

1. When invitations are sent via Trustpilot

All businesses using Trustpilot are welcome to invite their customers to leave reviews. If they do so with our automated email invitation tools (via our free or paid services), those reviews will be marked as “Verified”.

Example of a review with the verified label highlighted

If companies send out review invitations, we ask them to invite all their customers equally and identically (or using a neutral system), and with neutral language. See our Guidelines for Businesses and best practices for creating invitations.

2. When documentation is provided

Reviewers can be asked to provide documentation showing they’ve had a buying or service experience with the reviewed business when, for example, our automated software flags the review and removes it as suspicious.

Flagged reviews are handled by our Content Integrity Team. If they request and receive documentation showing a buying or service experience with the reviewed business, they'll mark the review “Verified”.

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