Trustpilot's TrustBox widgets - FAQ

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Get answers to some of the most common questions about displaying, loading, implementing, and the availability of Trustpilot's TrustBox widgets.


I'm on a free account. Are there any TrustBoxes I can use on my website?

Yes. We've got two TrustBoxes available to customers on free accounts.

I've implemented the TrustBox script for the Carousel widget, but it only displays the Trustpilot logo or the number of reviews I have. Why doesn't it show the Carousel TrustBox?

Depending on your pricing plan, you can use the Carousel TrustBox. If you're a free customer you don't have access to the Carousel. Sorry!

I'd like to have a TrustBox where consumers can leave a review directly on the website. Do you have one?

Yes! We do. The Evaluate TrustBox lets consumers review you directly on your website.

Loading issues

Why doesn't my TrustBox load properly? It only shows a link to Trustpilot.

It sounds like the bootstrap script hasn't loaded. The bootstrap script is the first of the two code snippets you need in order to embed a TrustBox on your page.

We recommend placing the script in the <head></head> section of your website’s HTML, and if you don't have access to that, place it in the <body></body> section just before the TrustBox code (the second code snippet).

We've also got a guide to help you make sure your TrustBox has been correctly implemented if it runs in a single-page application.

Note: You may encounter problems loading your TrustBox in Internet Explorer 11 if your page is configured to run in Internet Explorer 9 compatibility mode. To check, search for a <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=9"> tag in the head section of your page. If it's there, your page is configured incorrectly, so simply remove the tag.

What happens to my TrustBox if Trustpilot's systems are down?

TrustBoxes have an extra layer of fallback cache (30 days), so your TrustBox will continue to show review content. However, review data won't be updated every 20 minutes until the error has been solved. If the fallback cache is down or has expired, TrustBoxes display a fallback logo.

Can adblockers block the TrustBox from displaying reviews?

It depends on the adblocker. Adblockers block a wide range of things and aren't all the same, so we can't guarantee that all adblockers allow all TrustBoxes to display reviews. That said, we monitor our TrustBoxes to keep this from being a problem.

What browsers are compatible with TrustBoxes?

Trustpilot supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

TrustBoxes are incompatible with Safari for Windows, and Internet Explorer v. 10 and earlier.

Note: TrustBoxes display properly in newer versions of Safari on Mac OS, but you may experience some issues with older versions of Safari.

Implementation questions

How do I add a TrustBox to my website?

Once you've picked out a TrustBox and configured it in Trustpilot Business, you need to add some code to your website. Here's a step-by-step guide and a video that shows you how to get your TrustBox up and running.

Can I implement a TrustBox on my WordPress website?

Yes. You need to add the bootstrap script into the header of the display page, so you'll need to change your WordPress header.php template file. You may need help from a developer to do this.

You may also switch from Visual to Text edit mode in WordPress, then paste the TrustBox JavaScript and HTML code snippets into the editor.

I don't see any products in the Product Review TrustBox I just installed. How do we create them and link them to the TrustBox?

Make sure you've created your product catalog correctly, then contact a Support Agent for assistance.

My rich snippet stars have disappeared from Google. Why did this happen and what can I do to get them back?

Rich snippet stars appear at Google's discretion. Make sure you thoroughly check your website to improve the likelihood that you'll get those stars back.

Important: On September 16, 2019, Google changed their rich snippet guidelines. Here’s some information about what this means for Trustpilot’s customers and community.

Will a TrustBox slow down my website and does it affect SEO?

TrustBoxes are designed to have minimal impact on your website. When your page loads for the first time following implementation, you’ll get a request to load a small script. The small script doesn't fetch the TrustBox content until your page has loaded.

TrustBoxes wait for your website to load fully to minimize impact. If your page loads slowly, Google may not index your page and that might affect your SEO.

Do TrustBoxes support Subresource Integrity (SRI)?

No. Because enforcing an SRI hash would require you to update your website in sync with Trustpilot's frequent updates to ensure your widgets still work.

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Compliance regulations do not apply to Trustpilot’s widgets because Trustpilot does not accept, process, store or transmit card payment information.

It is recommended practice for PCI DSS Compliant customers to segregate PCI DSS compliant needs from other web components, and safeguard according to their respective unique business responsibilities.

Display issues

How do I change my TrustBox's language?

There are two things you need to do to change your TrustBox's language. First, let's change the display language.

  1. In Trustpilot Business > Showcase > TrustBox library, choose your TrustBox.
  2. Under Get your TrustBox, go to Configure your TrustBox.
  3. In the Preferred language drop-down menu, choose your language and then click the Get code button.

Now it's time to filter the reviews to only show the ones in your preferred language.

  • When you implement the TrustBox script, add the data-review-languages setting and make sure it matches the data-locale language.
    For example:
    data-locale="en-US" data-review-languages="en"

Can I change the color of my TrustBox?

No. You can't change a TrustBox's color. Some TrustBoxes have different themes you can choose from, but you're not allowed to customize your TrustBox.

Do TrustBoxes use responsive design?

Absolutely. All our TrustBoxes are responsive. They have internal breakpoints that ensure the content position adapts to given dimensions and they can scroll.

TrustBoxes are embedded in an iFrame on your website. The iFrame doesn't fully support resizing, so TrustBoxes aren't completely fluid in all dimensions. When you resize your browser window, the TrustBox's width resizes, but the height remains fixed. For the best results, set the width to 100% and adjust the height of your DOM elements to fit the TrustBox's minimum height.

Note: Check the minimum and maximum dimensions of your TrustBox(es) before implementing them. You'll find this information on the Preview page of each TrustBox.

How do I show review data on mobile using a TrustBox Carousel?

Create a responsive state by overriding the height of the iFrame to be larger on mobile. You can wrap the TrustBox with a new HTML division and override the iFrame's height with CSS.

See example:

<div class="carousel">
<!-- TrustBox widget -->
<div class="trustpilot-widget" data-locale="en-GB" data-template-id="53aa8912dec7e10d38f59f36" data-businessunit-id="5400267300006400057a0113" data-style-height="130px" data-style-width="100%" data-theme="light" data-group="on" data-stars="1,2,3,4,5">
<a href="" target="_blank">Trustpilot</a>
<!-- End TrustBox widget -->
/* Target mobile displays with a media query */
@media (max-width: ...) {
  .carousel {
width: 320px;
  .carousel iframe {
height: 280px !important;