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Invite your customers with manual review invitations

Using the Invite Customers module is the fastest way to get reviews from past customers. It’s a great way to get started with Trustpilot and it’s very easy to use.

We simply need an email address, a name and a reference number for each customer.

In this module, there are four basic ways to invite your customers:

  1. Upload a file with your customer data
  2. Copy and Paste your customer data (This option allows you to add up to 300 customers at a time)
  3. Enter your customer data manually (1 by 1)
  4. Service and Product Reviews

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1. Upload a file:

In the module Invite Customers click on Select a file.

When uploading a file, make sure it’s formatted either as .csv or .txt. Both format types use commas or semicolons to separate items.

Format your file according to these rules:

  • No blank rows in the document.
  • Max file size 50 MB, and no more than 20.000 rows.
  • UTF-8 text format only.
  • Delimiter must be either a comma or semicolon.
  • The reference number field should not contain special characters like # or *. If you want to use some special characters as a separator use / or - instead. Refer to Special characters for reference numbers for details.

Note: The reference number can be any sort of unique identifier code that you use internally (for example: Invoice number, order ID, etc). If possible, your reference number should be transaction-specific rather than customer-specific.

Once you have uploaded the file, click on Approve and continue and follow the on-screen instructions to send out review invitations.

For more assistance on creating your file, please read this article: Creating a File of your Customers for Uploading.

2. Copy paste from a document:

In the module Invite Customers click on Copy paste.

You can enter up to 300 customers at a time. We recommend to copy paste from a notepad .txt file or a spreadsheet. You can also copy paste from any other document if you like. When you copy paste from spreadsheets the data is typically separated by tabs.

Columns must be in a specific order: (1) email, (2) name, (3) reference number: To copy paste data from a spreadsheet, you must first order the columns correctly. We only accept the data if the email is placed in the first column, the name in the second column, and the reference number in the third column.

The reference number field should not contain special characters like # or *. If you want to use some special characters as a separator use / or - instead. Refer to Special characters for reference numbers for details.

3. Enter manually:

In the module Invite Customers click on Enter manually.

  1. Enter 1 email address, 1 name and 1 reference number.
  2. Click Add and do this for each customer you want to invite.
  3. When you have added all the customers you want to invite, click Continue
4. Service and Product Reviews:

In the module Invite Customers click on Product Reviews.

  • Click on Select file and upload your CSV file containing the relevant customer and product data.
  • Click Continue, set up your sender information, and click Continue again.
  • Configure your landing page and customize your template and click next.
  • Check the summary that will show and click Send invitations now if the summed up information is correct.
Once you have followed these steps, a pop-up window will show while the data is being transferred to our server. After we have received the data, you will see a confirmation screen and you are done

For more information about this step, please read Invite your customers to leave Product Reviews.

Once you have either uploaded a file, copy-pasted or manually entered your customer data, please proceed to the next step: Sender Information

Invitation Frequency

By activating the invitation reminders feature, you’ll ensure that customers who didn’t leave a review after the first email invitation will receive a reminder. It is also possible to set a delay with the invitation reminder feature.

Basic invitations

Invite your customers to leave a review using your own email service.

Simply copy the link found under the Basic Invitations module, and paste it in emails to your customers.

When your customers click the link, they are sent to your company’s review form on Trustpilot.

Please note that your users will have to log into Trustpilot or create a Trustpilot account in order to post a review.

You can let us know if you are actively inviting customers. Do this by clicking the checkmark box and then click Save settings.

Similarly, to maintain transparency, you should also let our community know if you’re offering any incentives in return for reviews. Inform our Compliance Team via email and we’ll make sure the information is added to your company profile page.



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