The Dashboard

When you log into your Trustpilot Business Account, the landing page is called the Dashboard. It gives you a quick overview of how your business is performing.

The Dashboard

The Dashboard is split into five separate cards. For more information about each element, point to the i icon next to each heading.

Tip: New to Trustpilot? If it's your first time logging in to the Dashboard, the cards appear empty. Instead of data, there's helpful information and links to help you set up your Trustpilot account and start getting reviews. There's also tips on how to get started with Trustpilot in the Checklist.

Overall performance

Here, you'll find a high-level overview of your current Trustpilot performance. The Overall performance card contains your current star rating, the number of reviews your profile has, and your current TrustScore.


The Engage card displays your three most recent reviews, so you quickly can see how your customers feel about your recent performance. Select the Service Reviews link to view the more in-depth Service Reviews report.

Invitations status

The Invitation status card gives you insight into how many of your invitations were Delivered, Not Delivered, or In queue over a specific time period. It also shows you if you have your Reminders setting enabled.

The Delivered and Not Delivered panels contain information about your delivery rates over the selected period. Green arrows indicate that the rate has improved, and red arrows show you that the performance has gotten worse.

Note: For Not Delivered emails, a green arrow pointing down shows that your undelivered rate has improved.

Your reviews

The Your reviews card gives you an overview of your new reviews for the specified period. You can see:

  • Total reviews
  • Verified reviews
  • Response rate
  • Organic reviews

See the number of reviews you've received, and if the number has increased or decreased since the selected period. Green arrows show an improvement, and red arrows indicate that the performance has gotten worse.

There's also a report that shows your star distribution.

TrustBox impressions

The TrustBox Impressions card displays how many total impressions your widget has received during your selected time period. You can also see if this number has increased or decreased since the last time period.


To get more insight into how specific areas are performing, adjust these settings.

Time period

The information displayed when you log in covers the last 28 days by default. You can also view data for the last seven days or the current day by clicking 7 days or Today at the top right of the page. You may want to do this, for example, to change the information displayed in the Invitations status reports.

My websites

If you have multiple websites on Trustpilot, you can switch between the websites' dashboards.

  • In the upper right-hand corner of the screen, point to the current website's name. Select a website from the drop-down list to view its Dashboard.


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