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TrustScore Questions and Answers

Find out everything you need to know about Trustpilot's TrustScore. From understanding our star rating system to tips on how to improve your TrustScore and more!

Old Reviews vs. New Reviews?

New reviews are a better indication of current Customer Satisfaction compared to old reviews. The Trustpilot TrustScore takes this into account by giving less weight to old reviews and more weight to new reviews. The value of a review is lowered by approximately half every 6 months, making the most recent customer experiences the most significant for your TrustScore.

Why do new negative Reviews lower my TrustScore so much?

If you have a very high TrustScore, a new negative review would be far from the average of your other reviews, and the value of the review would count fully, simply because it is new. As such, a new negative review would affect your TrustScore more than a new positive review.

Do all companies count the same?

Yes. A company will not get a bonus to its TrustScore by becoming a Trustpilot customer. The TrustScore calculation is 100% objective and does not discriminate between Trustpilot customers and business users on a free account.

Do all users count the same?

Yes. Reviews from all consumers count the same. The TrustScore is based on independent and individual reviews from consumers. Each review explains the personal buying experience of a consumer from that particular company.

Star rating?

When reviewing on Trustpilot, users can award between 1 - 5 stars and the TrustScore is on a value scale of 0-10. To convert a star to a score we use the following values:

  • 1 star = 0
  • 2 stars = 2.5
  • 3 stars = 5.0
  • 4 stars = 7.5
  • 5 stars = 10

Read more about how we calculate the TrustScore here.

How do I improve and maintain my TrustScore?

The TrustScore can be maintained by ensuring a constant flow of reviews, and by replying to as many reviews as possible. Replying to the reviews does not have a direct impact on the TrustScore calculation, however when reviewers see the amount of activity on your profile page, they will likely be encouraged to engage and leave a review. A constant inflow of reviews can be ensured by using one of our products such as the Automatic Feedback Service and Invite Your Customers. Implementing a TrustBox on your website will also increase the possibility of getting more reviews.

Do Multiple Reviews from the same user affect the TrustScore?

Only the newest review from each customer will count towards the TrustScore. Read more about Multiple Reviews in this article.



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