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This feature is included in the Enterprise plan.

Market topics provide valuable insights into specific themes derived from your reviews, helping you understand your market position and areas for improvement. Learn about how you compare to your peers when it comes to the topics your customers care about most.

Powered by machine learning and AI, your topics are determined based on the content of your business reviews and the reviews of your market peers. Dive into the data to uncover trends, patterns, and opportunities for growth. With Market topics, you can make informed decisions to enhance your business's performance and better meet the needs of your target audience.

Your market peers are determined by how similar your business is to others on our platform. Find out more about how we determine your market peer group in our Trustpilot Analytics: Market - FAQs

To find your Market topics page, go to Analytics > Market > Market topics.

Get a snapshot of topics in your market

See how the topics in your market compare for review volume and ratings over the last 6 months.

You can filter by topic type to see a scatter plot displaying how your business performs against your market peers for various topics. Use the Topic type menu to filter the topics to see either General or Category topics.

Here's a brief explanation of the two:

  • General topics: These cover common discussion subjects in reviews across most businesses, like customer service, products, or delivery services.
  • Category topics: These are the discussion subjects in reviews that are specific to businesses within a particular industry or category.

Hover over a specific data point to see the number of market topic reviews and market topic rating for that topic.

Scatter plot showing a snapshot of topics in your market

Below the scatter plot you'll find a table featuring all of your review topics. The table has columns for Review topic, Your market rankTopic rank, Your topic performance, Avg. review rating for topic, Market topic ratingTopic score difference, Review mentioning topicShare of reviews mentioning topic, and Market topic reviews. Use the search bar to find a specific topic and see how you perform. You can also narrow down the data set in the table by selecting specific columns to display by clicking Select columns.

To drill down into a specific topic, simply click on it. From there, you can see how you perform against your market peers for that topic.

Table featuring all of your review topicsTo download your data in the table, click the three dots in the upper right corner of the table. From the drop-down menu, select Data (CSV).


If you have questions about your Market topics page, check out our Market - FAQs article for more information.

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