Trustpilot's Review spotlight

This feature is included in the Enterprise plan.

Trustpilot's Review spotlight provides weekly and monthly AI-generated summaries of your service reviews. Dive into these summaries to discover key themes and recommended actions to improve your business.

Instead of reading every single review and conducting your own analysis, our AI-powered Review spotlight does the work for you. Now you can dedicate your time to celebrating your business's strengths and addressing areas for improvement. These summaries highlight key themes that matter to your customers and provide actionable insights around topics like your products, services, customer support, and more.

Review spotlight is only available for service reviews.

Weekly and monthly review spotlight

You can see your Review spotlight directly on your homepage in Trustpilot Business.

If you have enough reviews to qualify for the weekly review spotlight, you’ll find a weekly summary by default. Otherwise, you’ll see the monthly review spotlight. Your business needs to receive on average 5 reviews a day to get weekly summaries and an average of 3 reviews a day to get monthly summaries. 

Your weekly review spotlight contains a summary of your reviews for the past seven days, and is updated every Monday. In contrast,  the monthly review summary covers your reviews for the past month and is updated on the first day of each month. Both provide a concise summary of your reviews, including positive and negative themes.

Example of a weekly review spotlight summary

Click the Explore themes and actions button to access the Review spotlight page, or go to Manage Reviews > Service Reviews > Review spotlight.

On your Review spotlight page, you'll find your review spotlight summary, along with Spotlight AI recommended actions based on your negative reviews. You'll also be able to take a closer look at your review themes. Switch between your weekly and monthly summary by clicking on the Weekly or Monthly tab at the top of the page.

Themes of the week and month

Here, you'll find the key themes that our AI has detected from your latest reviews, making it easy for you to see topics that really matter to your customers. Each theme displays the number of relevant reviews and related topics, along with a brief summary of the theme and key quotes. You can click on the arrows to scroll through the quotes or click on See full review to access the entire review. Additionally, in the Spotlight AI box, you'll receive recommended actions for each negative theme, which you can share internally to improve your business.

An example of a negative theme and recommended actions


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Please keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Your weekly and monthly summaries are intended for internal use within your business and are not designed for consumer-facing purposes.
  • Review spotlight summaries are not an official endorsement from Trustpilot.
  • When it comes to data privacy, the only data we share with third parties is the text from reviews displayed on your public profile page. Rest assured, no personally identifiable information is included in this data sharing process. 

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