2. Set up review invitations

    Crafting the right email settings is essential to guarantee your invitations arrive directly in your customers' inboxes, free from spam filters. Learn about how to set it them up below

    Email settings

    In Trustpilot Business, go to Settings > Invitation settings > Email settings.

    Select Your Template

    Choose default templates for inviting customers to leave service and product reviews.

    Company Identifier

    Help customers recognize your business by displaying your business name or domain in invitation templates.

    Sender Name

    Make sure your customers know who's inviting them. Display your business name as the sender in their inbox.

    Reply-to Address

    Provide a reply-to email address for customers who prefer responding via email instead of posting a review. Your Trustpilot login email is the default address, but you can change this by clicking Manage your Reply-to emails.

    Landing Page

    Choose where you'd like to send your customers. Select your preferred locale from the drop-down under Invitations landing page to send customers to.

    Privacy Policy Link

    Decide if you want to include a link to your Privacy Policy in the footer of review invitations.

    Time & delivery

    In Trustpilot Business, go to Settings > Invitation settings > Time & delivery.

    Schedule Invitation Delivery

    Select the amount of time you’d like to pass between when a customer makes a purchase or uses your business.

    1. Choose the time gap after a customer's purchase or interaction with your business.
    2. For service review invitations, select the desired number of days, weeks, or months from the drop-down menu. You can even send an invitation immediately with 0 days!

    Invitation Frequency

    Decide how often invitations should be sent to customers with multiple purchases.

    • After each purchase: Select the Each customer should be invited to write a review after every purchase they make option.
    • After a specific number or days: Select the Only ask each customer to review 1 order every ___ day(s) option and enter a specific number of days until they receive the next invitation.
    • After a year: Select the Only ask each customer to review 1 order every 1 year option if you don't want to invite the customer again soon.

    Enable reminders

    Enable reminders to gently nudge customers who haven't left a review yet.

    1. If you’d like to send reminders to customers you’ve invited, but haven’t left a review yet, enable the checkbox under Invitation reminders.
    2. Use the drop-down to choose how many days or weeks you would like to pass between when the original invitation is sent and when the reminder is sent. The invitation reminder will be sent in the same language selected for your invitations landing page.
    3. Click Save changes.

    To successfully send a reminder, three things need to happen:

    • You must enable reminders before you create an invitation.
    • Reminders must be enabled when the invitation is scheduled to be sent.
    • The reviewer hasn't posted a review by clicking on the link in the original invitation.

    If you disable invitation reminders, queued reminders will be canceled and not sent.

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