1. Complete your business profile

    Make a great first impression with potential customers by completing your business’s profile. We’ll show you how to showcase your business in the best light. Just follow along with the video.

    Complete your business profile

    We allow basic HTML customization on business profile pages on a paid plan. Also, we don't provide support for customization.

    To get started, in Trustpilot Business, go to Settings > Public profile settings > Profile page.

    About your business

    Add your business name, domain, and logo to create an eye-catching preview. Click Save and publish when you're satisfied.

    Company Description

    Tell your customers all about your business and what sets you apart. Use at least 200 words to make a compelling statement. Remember to hit Save and publish to make it live.

    Verify Company Details

    Boost transparency and build trust by verifying essential business information. Verified details will display as a checkmark on your profile page.

    1. Under Verify company details, you’ll see several verification options. Make your selection.
    2. Depending on which option you choose, the process of the verification method will vary. Read more about each option below.
    Proof of identity

    To verify your identity, we’ll ask for proof of identity from an Admin user associated with the account. The user needs to upload a photo of a valid document (not expired or physically damaged). Supported documents include:

    Contact details

    To verify your contact details, you’ll need to sync your Google Business Profile with Trustpilot. Your Google Business Profile will need to be "verified" in order to sync and verify your contact details on Trustpilot.

    If your Google Business Profile has the status "Verified", we'll sync your contact details to your Trustpilot profile, and a checkmark will be added to your contact information.

    If your Google Business Profile has the status "Unverified" or "Pending", the checkmark next to the item won't appear. Verify your account in Google Business Profile, then try again.


    Make it easier for customers to find you by categorizing your business. Choose a primary category and up to 5 additional ones.

    1. In Trustpilot Business, go to Settings > Public profile settings > Categories.
    2. Under Choose a category, search for a category you'd like to add. Make your selection, then click + Add.
    3. Repeat the selection process to add up to a total of six categories.
    4. Select your primary category by clicking Set as primary.

    Contact Info

    Provide all relevant contact details and let us know where your business is registered. This will affect your market ranking and business category. Click Save and publish when you’re done.

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