Install Trustpilot's Salesforce integration

This feature is part of the Salesforce integration add-on module, which can be purchased in addition to the Advanced and Enterprise plans.

This feature is part of the Salesforce integration add-on module. Request a demo to upgrade now.

Our integration syncs Trustpilot review data to your Salesforce account, allowing you to access Trustpilot data from any Salesforce product. Automate your invitations, reply to, and manage reviews directly within Salesforce.

Before you start, you’ll need to make sure you have:
  • Salesforce Lightning - The integration is not meant for Classic Mode.

  • Sales Cloud or Service Cloud

  • A Salesforce Edition with API access

  • The use of Opportunities, Orders, or Cases

  • Contact Roles on Opportunities or Orders

  • An existing business unit in Trustpilot Business

  • SKUs that have been synced to Trustpilot

Configure the integration

  1. In Trustpilot Business, go to Integrations > Payment > Salesforce.
  2. Click Connect. You’ll be redirected to Salesforce, where you’ll need to log in.
  3. A new application will be created back in Trustpilot Business. Find it by going to Integrations > Developers > Trustpilots APIs.Your applications

Check that the redirect URI matches the organization URL. For example:

  1. In Salesforce, configure an Auth. Provider. Go to Setup > Identity > Auth. Providers. Click New. Use the drop-down to select TrustpilotAuth. Click Save

    To create the Auth. Provider, you will need to have already installed the Trustpilot Salesforce app directly into your Salesforce instance. This is done via a Salesforce App Exchange direct package link. Please contact us if you need assistance with this.

  2. The Name, URL Suffix, and authProvider fields should all be set to TrustpilotOAuth, while the ApiKey and Secret should be copied over from the application created in Step 3.Auth. Provider edit form
  3. Next, you’ll configure External Credentials. Go to Setup > Security > Named Credentials > External Credentials. Click New.
  4. Enter a Label and Name, ideally TrustpilotAPI. Under Authentication Protocol, select OAuth 2.0. Under Authentication Flow Type, select Browser Flow. Under Authentication Provider, select TrustpilotOAuth. Click Save.

New external credential form

  1. Back on the Trustpilot Credentials page, find the Principals section and click New.
  2. Enter a Parameter Name. Under Identity Type, select Named Principal. Click Save.
  3. Find the principal you just created. Click Actions, then Authenticate. You’ll be prompted to log in to Trustpilot Business. If the authentication was successful, you’ll be redirected back to Salesforce, where you’ll see a success message and the Named Principal Authentication Status will be set to Configured.

Set permissions

In order to use the integration to send invitations, reply to reviews, etc. You must have access to the External Credential Principal that was created and authenticated above. This can be achieved using a permission set or with profile permissions.

  1. Go to Setup > Permissions Sets. Create a new permission set or open an existing one, and click External Credential Principal Access. Click Edit, then add the principal. Be sure to assign the permission set to each user that needs access to the integration.

If you prefer to give access through Profile permissions, reproduce the step above for any user profile that should have access to use the integration.

  1. Go back to Setup > Named Credentials, then create a new named credential with the following details:

Name: TrustpilotAPI


External Credentials: Select the credentials created above

Allowed Namespace: trustpilot_com

The Named Credential name must be TrustpilotAPI for the app to work correctly.

Test the connection

The integration will start in an empty state, with no reviews, statistics, or data. If you’ve received reviews in the past, you’ll be able to sync the last 30 days of data to the integration. This is a good way to make sure that Salesforce is properly integrated with Trustpilot.

In Salesforce, go to the Trustpilot integration > Settings > Import Reviews. Click Import Reviews.

Business Generated Links via Trustpilot's Salesforce integration

This feature requires the Privacy add-on module, which can be purchased from the Enterprise plan. Read more about Business Generated Links via Salesforce here.

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