See which topics are often mentioned in a business's reviews

We use machine learning technology to detect topics, trends, and sentiments within any business’s reviews. Gain a deeper understanding of customer feedback and make informed decisions about businesses.

This feature is only available on the Trustpilot mobile app.

When viewing a business's profile page on our app, you'll see a section that provides insights into topics that are frequently mentioned in their reviews, along with the overall sentiment associated with the specific topics. The sentiment is classified as positive, neutral, or negative.

We display the top 5 topics identified by our algorithm from the past 12 months.   

Review sentiment

You can take a closer look at each topic by clicking on it. You'll be able to see how many times that topic was mentioned and if it was in a positive, neutral or negative way. You can also click through to see all reviews that mention the topic. 

Popular mention topic


Reviews related to a topic will usually have a mix of positive, neutral, or negative mentions. For quick visibility and clarity on what the sentiment of the review content is, we use color coding to highlight the topic mention in the review. 

Review with color coding


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