​Stay up to date with your reviews using Trustpilot's Webhook Notifications

Available for:

  • Free
  • Lite
  • Pro
  • Enterprise
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Set up Trustpilot's webhooks to get instant notifications about events such as new reviews, deleted reviews or revised reviews.

There are many ways you can use Trustpilot's Webhook Notifications to improve your everyday workflow with reviews. Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Create a dashboard showcasing your new reviews as they come in
  • Automate your support tickets, so you get a new ticket for each new review

You'll need help from a developer to implement our webhook feature and keep in mind that it currently only supports events pertaining to service reviews.

How Webhook Notifications work

Tell Trustpilot what you'd like to be notified about (events) and where you'd like to receive the data (subscriptions). Specifically, a subscription is the URL of the server where your developer would like to receive the notification.

We currently support notifications for the following events for both service and product reviews:

  • A customer writes a new review
  • A customer deletes their review
  • A customer revises their review

Instructions for developers

Go to Trustpilot Business and select Integrations in the left hand menu. Find Webhook Notifications and select Access now.

  1. Select an event type, e.g. New Review
  2. Press the link See event payload example to see an example of the information we'll send you

Note: You'll need your own web-server ready to receive events, and a POST request with a JSON payload. If you don't have a server ready, you can test with or a similar service. But keep in mind that you can't set up an actual subscription with RequestBin.

  1. Add your subscription URI. This is the path to a server within your control that will receive the event from us. For example: https://my-domain.com/any/path/here/
  2. Select Test
  3. If the test works, click Save changes and then you're done!

When an error occurs on your server

We want to make sure you get notified about all your events.

If your server fails to receive an event, we will try sending it again. The interval between our attempts will become longer to avoid putting too much load on your servers.