Guidelines for merging business profiles

If your business has several domains, you might have multiple Trustpilot business profiles. A profile merge consolidates all these profiles into one place.

Once your profiles are merged, all the reviews from each separate profile will appear on Trustpilot under a single combined main profile. The TrustScore of your main profile will be recalculated based on reviews that have been merged into it.

Merging your profiles into one combined main profile makes it easier for customers to find and review your business - and easier for you to manage your reviews from one centralized profile.

When can I request a business profile merge?

You can request a profile merge through the following form by selecting one of these 3 reasons:

1. Identical domains

  • If you have more than one domain, and all of the domains included in the merge automatically redirect traffic to one main domain.
    Example: is the main domain, and and automatically redirects traffic to

    If you are redirecting traffic because your business has rebranded, you should choose ‘Rebranding’ instead - otherwise, your merge request may be rejected or delayed.

  • If you have more than one domain, and each domain shows exactly the same content.
    Example:,, do not have an automatic redirect in place, but all have identical content.
  • If you have more than one domain with the same content, but in different languages - usually because you have different business locations.
    Example: has content in English, has the same content in a French translation, and in a German translation
  • At our discretion, we may also allow you to merge profiles of domains that do not have entirely the same content, but are equivalent or substantially similar to each other, and we determine that there is a consumer benefit to merging those profiles. Your merge request may take longer for us to consider if this is the case.

2. Rebranding

If you have changed your business name or brand, and your old domain redirects traffic to your new domain.

Example: automatically redirects traffic to

If you have rebranded because your business has combined with another business, or because there has been a change in who owns or controls your business, you should choose ‘Business merger or 'Change of ownership’ instead - otherwise your merge request may be rejected or delayed.

If you have rebranded and don’t have an automatic redirect in place, but have another method of redirecting traffic to your new domain, it’ll be at our discretion whether we approve your merge request.

3. Business merger and/or change of ownership

At our discretion, we may also allow profiles to be merged if a business has bought or taken over one or more other companies/businesses.

Because mergers, takeovers and acquisitions come in all shapes and sizes, we may need to reach out to you for more information about your newly combined business. We will only approve a profile merge if we determine that there is a consumer benefit in doing so.

If the company or business that has been bought or taken over is still run as a separate business or brand, your merge request is likely to be rejected.


There are a few things to consider before you request a merge of your business's profiles:

  • Profile merges are permanent and cannot be reversed.
  • All reviews from each individual business profile will be shown on one combined main profile. This means that the TrustScore of the main profile will be recalculated based on the merged reviews.
  • If your company previously had several locations per domain, only the locations of the remaining profile will remain. The locations of the old profile(s) will be deleted.
  • Your combined main profile, and the reviews which came from your other profiles, will always be publicly marked as “Merged”.
  • The Company activity page that's linked to your business's main profile shows your activity over the past 12 months. When you merge your profiles, your merge activity will also be shown. This includes:
    • The date of your profile merge.
    • Which domains were involved in the merge, and their previous TrustScores and number of reviews.
    • One of the 3 reasons, which best describes why your profile was merged.

Read this article to find out more about what will be shown publicly about your merge.

  • Your main business profile is the only domain that will qualify for Google Seller Ratings and Google Shopping. It may take Google up to 6 weeks to process the reviews of the main domain, according to their own procedures. Neither Trustpilot nor Google can influence the processing time.
  • Users associated with each individual profile will be retained and moved to the main profile.
  • You can only retain the invitation history, templates, invitation configurations, and/or business description for the domain that you select as your main profile (although, be aware that there may not be any data to retain if it is a new profile). If any of the other profiles being merged has any invitation history, templates, invitation configurations, and/or company description, this data will be lost. Because we can’t keep this data for each profile, TrustBoxes may need to be reinstalled.
  • If you use product reviews, they will be merged into the main profile, and you will need to update your Trustbox with the main profile business unit ID in order to display them.
  • Please note that while your product reviews will be transferred to your new main profile, the product catalog from your previous profile will be deleted. This means that the transferred product reviews will no longer be linked to an active product catalog item.
  • If you use one of our integrations, you'll need to disconnect it on all profiles you plan to merge. You can reconnect the integration after the profile merge is complete.
  • When visitors search for any of the domains included in the merge on Trustpilot, they will be redirected to the combined main profile, where reviews will appear in the visitor's relevant language. You can read more about language filters here.
  • Profiles are country-specific, so, if merged, the main profile will only be visible in the category pages of the country it's registered in. 

Request a profile merge

If you want to combine your business profiles into a single main profile, you can request a profile merge here.


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