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If you have several company profiles on Trustpilot and you want to make sure that all your reviews are collected in one place, you should request a profile merge.

A profile merge consolidates your Trustpilot profiles, across different countries, in one place. Once your profiles are merged, all your reviews will appear on Trustpilot under a single main profile. This makes it easier for customers to find and review your business, and easier for you to manage all your reviews from one, centralized main profile.

If you have businesses in different countries, that's no problem – reviews will appear on your company profile in the visitor's relevant language.

Important: We cannot perform a merge unless you include proof that you own ALL the domains that you want to merge. You must include a current invoice from your domain host, for each domain, to show that you are the owner. Screenshots of a control panel are not sufficient proof - only invoices or receipts can be accepted.

When can I request a profile merge?

Here are some typical merge scenarios and whether or not they would qualify for a profile merge:

Reason Description Merge Possible?
Identical domains If you have one domain with the same content, in different languages or locales (for example, www.example.com, www.example.co.uk, and www.example.fr). YES
Corporate rebranding If you're changing from www.example.com to www.theexample.com and the old domain redirects to the new domain. YES
Takeover If one company buys another, we can't perform a merge. The reviews from both old companies must still be available for consumers to read.  NO
Corporate merger  When two existing companies merge to form a new company, we can't perform a merge.  NO



Before you request a profile merge, there are a few things to consider:

  • Profile merges are permanent and cannot be reversed.
  • All reviews from each individual company profile will be displayed on the new, combined main profile.
  • Users associated with each individual profile will be retained, and will be moved to the main profile.
  • The invitation history, templates, and company description of the main profile remains the same. You'll be given the option to retain this information for the company profiles merging into the main profile, but you must specify on the request form that you would like to keep it. If the data is not kept, TrustBoxes will be affected and may have to be reinstalled.
  • Your main company profile is the only domain that will qualify for Google Seller Ratings.
  • When you merge company profiles, all of the reviews from each profile will also become merged. This means that your TrustScore will be recalculated based on the merged reviews.
  • Product reviews from the merging company profiles will be moved to the main profile and will have to be implemented by adding a TrustBox to your website.

Request a profile merge

  1. The first step is to ensure that all your domains included in the merge have been claimed. If you’re not sure if they are, check out this article to learn more.
  2. Once all domains are claimed, from your Trustpilot Business account, navigate to Settings > Permissions.
  1. Under Account Management, enable the permission toggle for ALL of the domains included in the merge.
  1. Submit a request to our Support Team by clicking the following link: MERGE REQUEST FORM. Be sure to include ALL relevant ownership documentation when submitting your request.

Once your request has been submitted, one of our Support Agents will review the information and get in touch with you.

If you have any questions about the merge process, check out this FAQ article for more information.