Respond to a company's reply to your review

Companies can reply to reviews that you've posted on Trustpilot. If you want to continue the conversation, edit your original review.

To keep the Trustpilot platform as simple and easy to use as possible, there's no reply function for reviewers. This keeps reviews concise and readable, and makes it easy to browse the Trustpilot site.

Under some circumstances, you might want to address some of the points made by the company in their reply to you. To continue the conversation, you need to update your review.

Update your original review

To reply to the company's response, update your original review. It's best practice to add a new section of text at the top or bottom of their original review and mark it as an Update.

If you do this, clearly label the updated section of your review so that other people can easily follow the conversation between you and the company.

The Reply function allows companies to respond to all reviews, negative and positive. They also use it as a first step in starting a conversation between you and their company.

By keeping this function as simple as possible, we're trying to keep the Trustpilot site transparent and straightforward for both reviewers and businesses.