Can companies respond to reviews?

Absolutely! Companies can respond to reviews that you've written on Trustpilot. If you want to continue the conversation, all you need to do is edit your original review.

How it works

All companies can respond to reviews for free once they’ve claimed their Trustpilot profile. So bear in mind that if a company hasn’t replied to any reviews it could be because their profile is unclaimed. You can find the company’s status on their Trustpilot profile.

We encourage companies to reply to all reviews — whether positive or negative. It’s the first step in starting a conversation with you, the reviewer. You’ll be notified by email when you get a reply from the company you’ve reviewed.

Keep the conversation going

Under some circumstances, you might want to address some of the points made by the company in their reply to you. To continue the conversation, you need to update your original review.

It's best practice to add a new section of text at the top or bottom of your original review and mark it as an Update. When you clearly label the updated section of your review, other people can easily follow the conversation between you and the company.