Can businesses reply to reviews?

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Businesses can reply to reviews you've written about them on Trustpilot. If you want to continue the conversation, all you need to do is edit your original review.

How it works

Businesses can only reply to reviews if they’ve claimed their profile on Trustpilot. If a business hasn’t replied to your review, it could be because their profile hasn't been claimed yet. You can view a business’s status on their profile page on Trustpilot.

We encourage businesses that have claimed their profile to respond to all reviews—whether positive or negative. It’s the first step in starting a conversation with you, the reviewer. You can view how often and quickly a business responds to negative reviews via the Company activity box on their profile.

You’ll receive an email notification if a business replies to your review.

Continue the conversation

You may want to respond to some of the points made by the business in their reply to you. To continue the conversation, you'll need to edit your original review.

It's best practice to add a new section of text at the top or bottom of your original review and mark it as an update. When you clearly label the updated section, others can easily follow the conversation.

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