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​How do I respond to a company replying to my review?

When you review a company on Trustpilot, they have the option to reply to your original review. If you want to respond again, you can edit your original review.

It isn't always necessary to respond to a company's reply to your review, so to keep the Trustpilot platform as simple and easy to use as possible, there is no reply function for reviewers. This keeps reviews concise and readable, and enables easy navigation of the Trustpilot site.

Under some circumstances, however, it may be that you wish to address some of the points made by the company in their reply to you.

Update your original review

The best thing to do in this circumstance is to update your original review. Many reviewers simply add a new section of text at the top or bottom of their original review and mark it Update.

If you choose this option, it's a good idea to clearly label the updated section of your review, so that other people can easily see the progression of the conversation.

You can see how to edit your review here.

Why can't I simply reply to their reply?

The reply function is designed to allow companies to respond to reviews, whether negative or positive, and if necessary, to open up the lines of communication between the company and the reviewer.

By keeping this function as simple as possible, we aim to keep the Trustpilot site transparent and straight-forward for both reviewers and businesses.



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