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The first step towards using Trustpilot to help your business is claiming your company profile. Then you can invite customers to review your business.

If someone has reviewed your company on Trustpilot, you've got a company profile. Simple as that. You may not have claimed it, but it's on the Trustpilot website.

No reviews? No worries. We'll show you how to claim your profile so you can start inviting customers to leave reviews and show people how amazing your company is.

Why should I claim my company profile?

Claiming your profile and actively engaging with reviewers is a great way to take control of the narrative and use all reviews - positive and negative - to your advantage.

You'll be able to:

You'll also receive a notification whenever someone reviews your company. Your TrustScore is calculated based on your reviews, so it's pretty helpful to know a) how your customers feel about your service and b) what you can do to make your service even better.

Claim your profile

To claim your profile:

  1. On Trustpilot.com, on the For companies site, click the Create free account button.
  1. On the Create a free account page, enter your website, company name, full name, work email, and phone number in the relevant fields. Select your country from the drop-down menu, then click the Create account button.
  1. In your inbox, you'll receive an Activate your Trustpilot account email. Click the Activate account button.
  1. On the Set password screen, enter your password in the Password field. Select the Trustpilot Terms and Conditions check box, then click the Complete setup button.

Great! Next, you need to verify your domain and then you're finished.