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​I don't know my user profile credentials

This article explains how your user profile was created, and will help you to gain access to your account if you're not sure of your log in details.

Do I have a user profile?

If you've previously reviewed a business on Trustpilot - however you came to do so - yes, you do.

If your original review was written in response to an invitation, your user profile will have been created at the point at which you published your review, using the email address supplied to us by the business in question.

I don't know what my log in details are

Sometimes, people responding to an invitation are unaware that there has been a user profile created for them, and are therefore unsure of how to log in.

If you can't remember what your credentials are, but need to access your account, you have two options:

1. In your email inbox, search for emails from Trustpilot. There should be a welcome email, which will have been sent to you when you left your first review. Click the link in the email to be redirected to your Trustpilot user profile.

2. Determine which email address was used to create your account (this will be whichever email address you used to communicate directly with the company you reviewed), and use it to reset your password on the Trustpilot login page.

Why can't I leave anonymous reviews?

Trust and transparency are extremely important to us here at Trustpilot - they help keep our community safe and fair for everybody, including both consumers and businesses.

Allowing completely anonymous reviews removes accountability and could create a greater potential for misuse, making it more difficult to keep Trustpilot safe and fair.

We do allow you to freely select a user name that may or may not reveal your identity to the public, but your profile needs to be connected to an email address so that we can contact you if there's a question about your review. This is also a requirement under review industry guidelines.

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