​6 best practices for companies reporting reviews

Businesses can report reviews if they breach Trustpilot's User Guidelines. We outline our best practices for reporting below, to help everyone report correctly.

1. Only report for breaches

Companies must only report reviews that breach our User Guidelines (US version, UK version). Reporting because you don't like a review or simply disagree with it isn't a valid reason. See a list of what you can report for here.

If it's a reasonable option, posting a company reply to reviews instead of reporting them can be beneficial because it lets you show everyone that you're listening, and prepared to take action to address problems.

2. Report consistently

Be consistent and fair. Don't just report critical reviews such as all your 1- or 2-star reviews. Use the reporting tool consistently and correctly to maintain trust with reviewers.

3. Select the correct reporting reasons

If you use your Business Account to report a review, you'll be able to select the reason(s) why it breaches Trustpilot's User Guidelines, and specify the details.

Make sure you choose the reason that corresponds to the problem you've identified. If you don't report correctly, you risk your report being treated as invalid, which can result in the review being put back online.

4. Be specific and precise about the problem

Pinpoint exactly what the problem is, to help our Content Integrity Team handle your report. We can assist businesses more easily if you clearly identify what needs to be addressed.

5. Keep your public reporting reason professional and polite

When you report a review using your Business Account, you'll be asked to provide a public explanation for reporting the review. Consider that everyone reading Trustpilot reviews will be able to see this, so keep it polite and in line with your brand.

6. Report all of the reasons the review breaches our rules

If a review breaches our rules for several different reasons, select all of those reasons when you report it because each review can only be reported once, unless it gets amended.

What happens if I report reviews incorrectly?

If our Content Integrity Team assesses a company's report as incorrect, the report will be classed as 'invalid' and often the review in question will be placed back online. Note that incorrectly reporting a high volume of reviews can also be considered misuse of our reporting function, leading to disciplinary measures.

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