Reviewers: Problems logging in?

If you have ever written a review on Trustpilot, you will have a user account. This article will help you to find your details and log in to your account, if you've been having problems.

Note: This article is for reviewers. If you are a Business user struggling to log in to your account, this article may help.

Do I have a user account?

If you have ever written a review on Trustpilot, whether you were invited or you found our site on your own, you will have a user account.

For more information on this topic, this article might help.

I can't remember which email address I used

If you created your review in response to an invitation, the email address associated with your account will be the email address you used when ordering from or corresponding with the company you reviewed.

If you created your review organically, and not in response to an invitation from a company, the best option is to search all of your email inboxes for the word Trustpilot, as we will have sent you a welcome email when you signed up.

You should then be able to use the link in the welcome email to gain access to your account.

I'm connected through social media

If your Trustpilot account is connected to your social media, then your log in details will be the same as your log in details for your social media account.

If you're already logged in to your social media account on the device you're using, you shouldn't actually need to manually log in to Trustpilot - simply click on the Log in with Facebook or Log in with Google buttons on the Log in page.

I can't remember my password

Note: If you signed up to Trustpilot with email after November 11, 2019, you will receive a new four-digit confirmation code to your email address every time you log in. The confirmation code will be used instead of a password.

If you know which email you used to set up the account, but you can't remember the password, you can use your email address to reset your password.

  1. Head to the Log in page and click Log in with email
  2. Click Forgot your password? and enter your email address when prompted
  3. Click the Reset password button. The following message will appear at the top of the page in a yellow box: We've sent you an email with instructions on how to reset your password
  4. Check your email inbox and follow the instructions in the email to choose a new password