​Do I have a user account? (for reviewers)

If you've ever reviewed a company on Trustpilot, you have a user account. If you've only read reviews and want to start writing them, create a user account.

You've already got a user account if...

...you've reviewed a business

If you've ever reviewed a business on Trustpilot, you've got an account. Maybe you signed up with your Google or Facebook accounts, or you registered using an email address. Or a company sent you an invitation after you made a purchase, so you left a review. In any case, you're already registered with Trustpilot.

Forgot which credentials you used when you registered? It happens. It's easy to reset your password or find out if you're registered.

You don't have a user account if you...

...only read reviews on Trustpilot

You don't need a user account to read reviews on Trustpilot. Anyone can visit the Trustpilot website, search for a business, read reviews, and stay informed.

You only need to create a user account if you want to write reviews.

Can I edit or delete my account?

Absolutely. Edit your profile and change things like your location, preferred language, and display name.

And if you want to stop reviewing companies and taking part in the Trustpilot community, delete your user profile. Deleting your profile is permanent, and all your reviews will also be deleted.