​Can my Facebook friends see my reviews?

When you connect your Trustpilot account to Facebook, your friends can see your reviews, but only from within certain parts of the Trustpilot and Facebook websites.

If you've connected Trustpilot to your Facebook account, your Facebook friends can read any reviews that you've written if they log in to their Trustpilot account. So your uncle, classmates, and that friend-of-a friend-that-you-sort-of-know-but-aren't-really-sure-if-you've-actually-met can read any reviews that you've posted about companies, and you can also get their opinions about which companies are trustworthy.

Read your friends' reviews

Interested in your friends' opinions on companies? If you've connected Trustpilot to your Facebook account, it's easy to read what your nearest and dearest have written on Trustpilot.

To see your friends' reviews:

  1. On the Trustpilot website, point to your name. On the drop-down list, select My Reviews.
  2. The My Reviews page contains a box on the right-hand side called Reviews by my friends and their connections. This is where you'll find reviews from people in your network.

Note: Trustpilot never posts to Facebook on your behalf. Your reviews are only shown on Facebook if the company you've reviewed has enabled the Trustpilot application on their page.

What if I don't want my Facebook friends to see my reviews?

Privacy is important. We get it. If you'd rather not share your reviews with your Facebook network, you can disconnect Facebook from your Trustpilot account.

  1. On the Trustpilot website, in the upper-right hand corner of a page, point to your name. Select My Settings from the drop-down list.
  2. In the My Social Settings card, select Disconnect my Facebook profile from Trustpilot.

Now you'll no longer see your friends' reviews, and they won't be able to see yours.