​How to find information about reviewers

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Our Find Reviewer feature lets businesses contact reviewers to ask for further or more specific information about who they are or their experiences — and this helps businesses more easily identify and resolve issues.

Why use the "Find Reviewer" tool?

Sometimes companies need a few extra details from reviewers about their reviews. For example, companies may have a question about who wrote a review or which part of the business it relates to, or they may not recognize the reviewer.

The Find Reviewer tool lets companies engage directly with authors of reviews to find out more about who they are or what they’ve experienced. It can be used for reviews that have been left organically or in response to an invitation sent via a system other than Trustpilot's.

This helps businesses quickly and easily gather details without flagging a review. Reviews stay online and visible while companies collect the information they need.

Try Find Reviewer first

Until they’ve used the Find Reviewer tool, businesses are unable to flag a review for the reason: “Not based on a genuine experience".

How to find a reviewer

  1. Log on to your business account (this is available via our free or paid services).
  2. Click on Reviews > Service reviews on the left-hand side and find the review whose author you would like more information from. If it’s an organic review or wasn't written in response to an invitation sent from Trustpilot, the Find Reviewer option will appear below that review. Click Find Reviewer.
  3. If you’re using the tool for the first time you’ll be guided through the process. We explain that you can write a message to the reviewer requesting information, and once the reviewer responds you’ll be notified. Click Continue.
  4. Write a polite message to the reviewer specifying the information you’d like to receive. This could be a reference, order or invoice number, or contact details or similar. Note that it will be up to the reviewer what they choose to provide, and they won’t be able to send attachments.
  5. When you’re done, click Send request. The reviewer will receive an email with your message and be given 5 days to respond. A reminder will be sent after 3 days.
  6. You’ll be able to see and track from your Business Account which reviewers have been sent messages requesting information.
  7. When reviewers respond, you’ll receive an email. Once you’ve opened the message, the reviewer’s response will be visible under their service review shown in your Business Account. If 5 days pass with no response from the reviewer, you’ll be notified of that too.
  8. If reviewers provide the information as requested, this should help you understand more about who they are and what they’ve experienced. We encourage you to use this information to learn about and improve your services, and address any problems that arise.
  9. If you don't get a response, you can try using the reminder in the Find Reviewer tool, or reply to the review publicly. Replying is a powerful way to tell the reviewer that you'd like to get in touch to help, and you also show everyone you want to resolve problems and improve customer service. See tips on how to reply to reviews here, and the benefits of replying to critical reviews here.
  10. If you receive no response after using Find Reviewer and you have reason to believe that the reviewer has not had a genuine experience with your company, you can report the review for that reason.