​What does "Reviewer contacted" mean?

If "Reviewer contacted" is shown above a review, it means the reviewed business has contacted the review's author to find out more about them and their experience.


Why contact reviewers?

Sometimes businesses need a few extra details, for example, if they don't recognize a reviewer as one of their customers. Asking for more specific information lets businesses quickly identify, understand and solve any issues that arise.

How does it work?

If a business you've reviewed would like more information from you, you'll receive a message via the email account that’s linked to your Trustpilot user profile. You'll be asked to provide more information, such as your reference number or order ID, or your contact details.

Note: We won't share your email address with the reviewed business, and the information you provide will not be published on our platform.

It’s up to you what you choose to provide, and you’ll be allowed 3 days to respond.

If you choose not to respond, or don't provide enough information, the company can flag your review for the reason: "Not based on a genuine experience". At that point, your review will be temporarily hidden while the report is handled.

Note: Reviewers can only be contacted about reviews that have not been written in response to a review invitation sent through Trustpilot’s system.