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​What does "Reviewer contacted" mean?

If "Reviewer contacted" is shown above a review, it means the reviewed business has contacted the review's author to find out more about their experience or review.

A business may use this feature, for example, to get in touch with a reviewer they don’t recognize. When this occurs, we show “Reviewer contacted” above the review text to indicate that the business has requested more information via the Trustpilot platform.

Why contact reviewers?

Asking for extra or more specific information lets businesses quickly identify, understand and solve any issues that arise.

This tool is available where a reviewer has posted a review on Trustpilot of their own accord (an organic review) or the review has been left in response to an invitation sent via a system other than Trustpilot's.* It can be used if the reviewed business needs further details to recognize or reach out to that customer.

Why should reviewers provide information?

By providing more details about your review or experience, you can help companies learn how to improve their services and address any issues you’ve raised faster and more effectively. You may also be helping to keep your review online.

If a business you’ve reviewed uses this feature, your review will still be visible on the business’s profile page while they contact you.

How does it work?

Companies use their Business Account (available via our free or paid services), and click on the Find Reviewer tool to send messages to reviewers. This lets them directly reach out to authors of reviews.*

If you’re contacted by a business you’ve reviewed, you’ll receive a message via the email account that’s linked to your Trustpilot user profile. Note that Trustpilot will not share your email address with the reviewed business.

The reviewed business will specify the information about your review or experience they’d like to receive. For example, they may ask you for a reference number or order ID, or contact details.

It’s up to you what you choose to provide, and you’ll be allowed 5 days to respond. The company will be notified if you reply, or if 5 days pass with no response from you.

*Only for certain reviews: Reviewers can only be contacted about reviews that have not been written in response to a review invitation sent through Trustpilot’s system (with our free or paid services).



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