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​Trustpilot's review invitation methods

Are you wondering which invitation tool to use to invite your customers? Trustpilot has created a range of tools to suit businesses of all sizes with varying needs, processes and policies.

Here, we provide an overview of all of our invitation methods to help you choose the one that fits best.

Manual review invitations

Manual review invitations are often used to invite past customers. This is a fast way to collect reviews when getting started with Trustpilot and requires no technical knowledge. There are 5 different ways you can manually invite your customers, and you can find these options in your business portal under Invitations.

Automatic Feedback Service

The Automatic Feedback Service tool is designed to send review invitations, after a customer has made a purchase or received a service experience. In order to implement it, you need to configure your webshop or email system to BCC Trustpilot on your order or delivery confirmation emails. BCC’ing Trustpilot on customer emails triggers the creation of an invitation, which is then sent to the customer after a set amount of days. Trustpilot’s Automatic Feedback Service allows you to effortlessly invite your customers and provides an easy way for people to leave a review.

Trustpilot App Integrations

With our eCommerce apps, you can easily connect your Trustpilot account to your eCommerce platform. Once connected, our app will communicate directly with your platform and create invitations automatically with every order. You can invite your customers to leave a service review or both a service and a product review. Trustpilot's eCommerce apps include:

Tip: If you don't know what e-commerce platform you're using, you can use this tool to find out.

Customer API

If you want a higher level of control over how invitations are created, you can use our API to invite your customers. This is the most powerful option in terms of features and flexibility. You can create invitations for Trustpilot to send out, or you can use the API to generate an invitation link that you can then send to your customers via your own communication flow.

Unique Link

The Unique Link is an invitation link for customers to post service reviews. Each link is unique to the customer receiving it, and consists of the information needed to write a review. Because Unique Links are generated and stored on your company's server, customer information is not shared with Trustpilot unless your customers click on the link. This invitation method allows you to manage the invitation process using your own systems.

Business Generated Links

Business Generated Links are invitation links that invite customers to write service reviews and, potentially, product reviews. This invitation method is designed mainly for privacy-conscious companies - such as financial and healthcare businesses - who are not permitted to share their customers' personal information. Using Business Generated Links ensures that no data is shared with Trustpilot until and unless the invited customer decides to leave a review.

Note: Some of these invitation methods are only available to paying Trustpilot subscribers



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