​Trustpilot's review invitation methods

Wondering how to invite your customers to leave reviews? Trustpilot has a range of invitation tools to help your business with different needs, processes and policies.

There's two basic types of invitations that you can use to invite customers to review your company: manual invitations and automatic invitations. Find out which invitation method best fits your business's needs.

Manual review invitations

Manual review invitations are a quick and easy way to invite past customers to leave a review. It requires no technical knowledge to set up, so it's the best way to invite customers when you're just getting started with Trustpilot.

There are four ways to manually invite your customers. Find them in the business portal under Get Reviews.

Automatic Feedback Service

Trustpilot’s Automatic Feedback Service (AFS) is the easiest way to invite your customers to leave a review. AFS sends review invitations after a customer purchases something or has a service experience. Because emails (and not an API) trigger AFS, it's compatible with most platforms.

To implement AFS, configure your webshop or email system to add Trustpilot in the BCC: field of your order or delivery confirmation emails. When Trustpilot receives a copy of the email, it triggers an invitation email to be sent to your customer after a certain number of days.

Trustpilot eCommerce integrations

Connect your Trustpilot account to your eCommerce platform with our eCommerce integrations. The integrations communicate directly with your platform and create invitations automatically with every order. You can invite your customers to leave a service review, or both a service and a product review.

Trustpilot's eCommerce integrations include:

Tip: If you're not sure which eCommerce platform you're using, use this tool to find out.

Customer API

For a higher level of control over how you create your invitations, use our customer API. It's the most powerful and flexible way to generate invitations. Use it to create your own invitations that Trustpilot then sends out on your behalf, or use it to generate an invitation link that you send to your customers yourself.

Unique Link

The Unique Link is a link that invites customers to leave service reviews. Once you generate the URL, use it wherever you want – as an embedded form on your website or as a link in a follow-up email to your customers. Your company controls the process.

Because your company generates the unique links, you don't need to share your customer information with Trustpilot. It's only when customers select the link and leave a review that we receive the customer's data.

Business Generated Links

You can use Business Generated Links for both service and product reviews. You generate a unique invitation link for each order, then embed the link in the email that you send to your customers.

Business Generated Links are a great option for companies who, for privacy reasons, prefer to send review invitations to customers rather than share customers' PII (personally identifiable information) with Trustpilot.

Note: Some of these invitation methods are only available to paying Trustpilot subscribers.