​Send a Basic Invitation

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Basic Invitations are a quick and easy way to invite your customers to leave reviews. You use your own email service to send customers a link, which will ask them to write a review for your business and direct them to your page on Trustpilot. 

NOTE: The Basic Invitation method is no longer available for new customers.

How to do it

  1. In Trustpilot business, go to Get reviews. Click Try a different way to get reviews.
  2. Select Basic Link.

  1. Click Copy link. Paste the link into your invitation email.


When a reviewer leaves a review after receiving a Basic Invitation, the review will be labelled as “Invited” on Trustpilot. It’s important to note that reviews that are received using a Basic Invitation aren't considered to be verified reviews, and therefore aren't eligible for Google Seller Ratings. Read more about our review labels and what they mean here

To ensure that your Trustpilot reviews count towards Google Seller Ratings, use one of our verified systems, such as Automatic Feedback Service (AFS).