​Basic Invitations

Invite your customers to leave a review using your own email service; just copy the link found under the Basic Invitations module, and paste it in emails to your customers.

When your customers click the link, they are sent to your company’s review form on Trustpilot.

Please note that your users will have to log into Trustpilot or create a Trustpilot account in order to post a review.

You can let us know if you are actively inviting customers by clicking the checkmark box and then clicking Save settings.

Similarly, to maintain transparency, you should also let our community know if you’re offering any incentives in return for reviews. If you inform our Compliance Team via email, we’ll make sure the information is added to your company profile page.

Not all invites are created equal

Inviting your customers is a great way to build up the numbers of reviews on your Trustpilot profile. However, if you're aiming to achieve Google Seller Ratings, you need to be aware that any reviews which result from a basic invitation will not count as verified reviews, and will therefore not be counted in Google's calculations.

To ensure that your reviews are counting towards your Google Seller Ratings, you need to be using one of our other verified systems, such as our Automatic Feedback Service (AFS).


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