​Basic Invitations

Invite your customers to leave a review using your own email service. Copy the link from Trustpilot Business and paste it into emails to your customers.

When your customers click the link, they'll be sent to your company’s review form on Trustpilot. Pretty simple, right? Basic invitations are an easy way to start inviting your customers to review your company.

Note: Your customers need to log into Trustpilot or create a Trustpilot account in order to post a review.

Send a basic invitation

  1. In Trustpilot Business > Get Reviews > Invite Customers, under Other Options, click on Basic Invitations.
  1. On the Basic invitations page, click the Copy link button to copy the invitation link. Paste the link into your invitation email.
  1. Select the Yes, I'm actively inviting my customers to write reviews check box, then click the Save settings button. This lets reviewers on Trustpilot know that you're asking for reviews.

Not all invites are created equal

Inviting your customers is a great way to build up the numbers of reviews on your Trustpilot profile. However, reviews that come from basic invitation links aren't eligible for Google Seller Ratings, because Google doesn't consider them to be verified reviews.

To ensure that your reviews count towards your Google Seller Ratings, use one of our other verified systems, such as our Automatic Feedback Service (AFS).