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Here's a short introduction to some of our most common terms. Let's start learning the Trustpilot lingo so you'll feel more comfortable here!

We've linked each term to another article that has more in-depth information about that product, feature or thing.

Note: Some of these services are only available to paying Trustpilot subscribers.



Application Programming Interface is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. An API specifies how software components should interact. Tasks become automated without any user intervention or knowledge. APIs allow you to merge Trustpilot review invitations and response processes into your CRM or email client, adding to the security and customization options of your current system.

Automatic Feedback Service

The Automatic Feedback Service (AFS) is one of Trustpilot’s invitation methods. AFS automatically sends emails to your customers to invite them to review your company after they have a buying or service experience.


Basic Invitations

Basic Invitations is an invitation method where you invite your customers to leave a review on Trustpilot using your own email service. Copy the link found under the Get Reviews module in the Trustpilot Business platform, and paste it into the emails you send to your customers. Be aware that reviews collected this way are not automatically shown as verified reviews on the Trustpilot site.

Business Generated Links

Business Generated Links is an invitation method for companies that choose not to share their customers' personal information with third parties. This method is often used by financial and healthcare institutions.

Business portal

The Business portal is the web application you use to manage your business account. Sign in to your business account to access the business portal.


Content Integrity Team

Trustpilot's Content Integrity Team is part of a larger unit within Trustpilot called Trust & Transparency. Our Content Integrity Team protects Trustpilot's review platform from fabricated reviews or other misuses of our service, and combats fraudulent behavior. They help to ensure that users and companies follow Trustpilot’s guidelines.



The Dashboard is the Trustpilot Business portal's landing page. It displays a summary of your rating, your latest reviews, as well as information about your invitation status, your reviews, and use of TrustBoxes.


Embedded review form

The Embedded review form is a version of the review form designed to be embedded in the checkout flow inside a company's web page. This allows customers to post reviews on Trustpilot directly from a company's website.


Facebook Like Box

The Facebook Like Box is a feature that can be added to a company's profile page. It is designed to boost customer confidence.


Google Seller Ratings

Google Seller Ratings is an automated extension type that showcases advertisers with high ratings. Google gathers seller ratings from reputable sources – including Trustpilot – that aggregate business reviews.

Guarantee Box

The Guarantee Box is a feature that you can add to a company profile page. It promotes a service that a company can offer to their customers.


Image Generator

The Image generator is a Trustpilot extension that allows you to set review quotes against attractive image backdrops, which you can then share on your social media channels.

Invitation history

A business's invitation history is in the Trustpilot business portal under the Get reviews module. It provides you with an overview of any invitations that previously have been sent to your customers.


Marketing Assets

Our Marketing Assets library contains brand assets, like Trustpilot-brand graphics, logos, and stickers, for companies to display on their websites. The library also contains templates for social media sharing, and offline marketing materials.

Multiple reviews

The Multiple reviews feature gives your repeat customers the opportunity to leave a new review after each buying or service experience.

Manual Review Invitations

Manual Review Invitations is an invitation method that involves manually entering customer data, uploading a file with customer data, or copying and pasting data.


Optimized invitation email template

The optimized invitation email template is Trustpilot's ready-made review invitation template. Trustpilot maintains the template to ensure optimal performance. You can customize it to suit your brand or send the message as it is without making changes.

Organic Reviews

Organic reviews are reviews written by customers on their own initiative and without receiving an invitation from a company.


Product reviews

Product reviews give customers the opportunity to review specific products they've purchased. They typically appear next to a product in a webshop, so customers can read them before they make a purchase decision.

Promotion Box

The Promotion Box is a content box that you can add to your company's Trustpilot profile page. It is designed to raise customer awareness about your company’s brand and customer service.


Reference number

The reference number is the term that a company uses to identify specific customer transactions in their database. For example, some companies identify transactions using an order ID or booking number. Users may be asked to provide an optional reference number when leaving a review to help the company identify their order.

Review Tagging

Review tagging is a Trustpilot feature that lets you label reviews according to the segments or aspects of your business that you want to track. Review tagging allows you to analyze your performance by segment, and monitor them separately.

Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets are the structured data markup that websites can add to their existing HTML that allows search engines to better understand what information is contained on each web page.


Sender information

Sender information is required to set up any automated invitation process (such as the Automatic Feedback Service). You must enter your Sender Name and Sender Email, as this information appears in your customers’ inboxes when they receive your email invitation. This helps your invitations avoid being classified as spam.

Service review

A service review is a review that a customer writes about your business. It describes a specific buying or service experience that the customer has had. A service review consists of a star rating, the review text, a title, and an optional reference number.

SPF record

An SPF record (Sender Policy Framework record) is a type of Domain Name Service (DNS) record that identifies which mail servers are permitted to send emails on behalf of your domain. An SPF record prevents spammers from sending unauthorized emails from your website, and ensures that your customers don’t receive spam emails that claim to come from your business.


Template Editor

The Template Editor allows businesses to create and edit the invitation email templates used when sending invitations to customers. Find it under the Get reviews module in the Trustpilot Business portal.


TrustBoxes are widgets that you embed into your website to showcase your most recent reviews, TrustScore, and star rating.

TrustBox Optimizer

The TrustBox Optimizer is a conversion optimization tool included in all TrustBoxes. It runs A/B tests to track your conversion rate and determine which TrustBox performs best on your website.

TrustBox Signature

The TrustBox Signature allows you to embed your current TrustScore and Star Rating in your corporate email signatures.

Trustpilot Labs

Trustpilot Labs is an experimental area of our platform that gives Trustpilot customers access to our new prototypes.

Trustpilot Support Center

Trustpilot Support Center is Trustpilot's central knowledge and documentation site. Businesses and reviewers can use it to find how-to guides and helpful articles about our products, platform, processes and guidelines.


The TrustScore is a measure of customer satisfaction based on the service reviews a company collects on Trustpilot. The TrustScore formula uses a Bayesian average and takes many factors into account, such as the number of reviews, the age of the reviews, and the star rating of each review.


Unique Link

The Unique Link is one of Trustpilot's invitation methods. It is an encoded link that contains the customer's name, email address, and reference number. The company sends this link directly to their customers, without involving Trustpilot in the invitation process.