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Share your reviews and your TrustScore with customers in every outgoing newsletter when you use our email-optimized TrustBoxes. This article will show you how to set it up. 

The TrustBox Newsletter is a dynamic widget that allows you to easily showcase your Trustpilot data in your email marketing campaigns.

There are three types you can choose from:

  • One that displays your star rating and number of reviews.
  • One that displays your TrustScore, as well as your star level and number of reviews.
  • One that displays reviews, in addition to your TrustScore and the number of reviews. You might need to upgrade to another pricing plan to get access to this TrustBox.

Add a TrustBox Newsletter widget

  1. From your Trustpilot Business account, go to Showcase > Email widgets TrustBox Newsletter.
  1. Under Design and layout, choose from the three options.
  1. Under Settings, select your Location, Color theme, and Language.

Choose reviews for your TrustBox

If you've selected the TrustBox that displays reviews, it's easy to pick which reviews appear in your TrustBox Newsletter. Under Settings, you can choose the criteria for the reviews you'd like to display. 

  1. If you have multiple business locations on Trustpilot, you can filter the TrustBox’s reviews by location. Under Location, choose a specific location or select All locations to show all reviews. 
  2. Select Latest reviews to show your newest reviews, or select Selected reviews to show specific reviews. If you've chosen to display selected reviews, you can filter by star rating or by tag.

Configure your TrustBox Newsletter

Under Settings, you have several options for the configuration of the newsletter, including Size of TrustBox, Width, Height, Font size, Color theme, and Language

For the TrustBoxes that display your stars and TrustScore, you can choose your: 

    • Color theme – choose between light and dark TrustBoxes.
    • Language – select a language from the drop-down menu.

For the TrustBox that displays reviews, you can also configure:

    • Height and Width – the TrustBox Newsletter is available in a one-column layout (520px x 180px) and two-column layout (260px x 170px) by default. You can customize the TrustBox's height and width, but be aware that we don't support sizes below (210px x 170px) or above (1800px x 600px).
    • Font size – choose from one of two font sizes.

Add the TrustBox Newsletter to your email template

Once you’re done configuring, the final step is to add your TrustBox Newsletter to your email template.

  1. Under the TrustBox preview, click Get code.
  2. Copy the HTML code and paste it into your email template's HTML editor, then save your changes.

We recommend that you test your newsletter before you send it out to your customers.


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