TrustBox widgets – Considerations on page weight, loading speed, and SEO

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We continuously optimize our TrustBoxes so customers get the most out of our widgets, without disrupting their website performance. Get all the details about web page weight, speed, and loading time impact on SEO.


When you implement a TrustBox widget on your website, here are some things that you might want to consider.

How does a TrustBox affect web page weight?

The average web page weighs around 1.6 MB, while some eCommerce sites can weigh 5 MB or more (from 2018).

A TrustBox adds on average 50 kB of extra weight, depending on the type and how much data it displays. TrustBoxes that have a layered display, such as the Pop-Up or the Drop-Down, will average around 100 kB of extra weight.

The extra weight mentioned above only applies the first time a user loads a page (an "uncached" request). When loading the page a second time, our requests account for only about 1 kB as the browser uses cached data instead of loading it from our servers.

The data comprise a very small proportion of the average web page's overall size. This is illustrated in the table below.

Page Size TrustBox, first load (50 kB) TrustBox, subsequent loads (1 kB)
1 MB 6.3% 0.09%
2 MB 3.2% 0.05%
5 MB 1.3% 0.02%
7 MB 0.9% 0.014%

In the case of a very small page, a TrustBox will comprise just over 6% of the page's size. In more typical cases, it will comprise approx. 1 - 2% of the size. However, the benefits of displaying reviews, your TrustScore, and star rating on your website, are worth this minimal weight gain.

All of the data required for a TrustBox are loaded asynchronously. Our TrustBoxes do not block or interfere with the normal loading of your site.

How does TrustBox loading time impact SEO?

Page speed is one of the many factors that can affect SEO. If your overall page load isn't too slow, the TrustBox shouldn't have any major negative impact on your SEO.

We recommend reading Google employee threads on Page loading speed:

“Yesterday, Gary Illyes from Google told a webmaster not to "worry about it too much," when it comes to page speed.” From: Google: Don't Worry Too Much About Page Speed

“I don't know how much of that [PageSpeed ranking factor] is still used at the moment. So we do say we have a small factor in there for pages that are really slow to load where we take that into account. But I don't know how much that's actually still a problem in ranking.” From: Is There Still A Google PageSpeed Ranking Factor?