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Importing a product catalog to Trustpilot allows us to gather information about the products that you sell, in order to maximize your product review collection strategy. Find out how to set up and manage your catalog here.

What is a product catalog?

A product catalog is a list of all your business’s products and contains information about them, such as product name, photo, and Global Trade Item Number (GTIN). 

You can also use your product catalog to enrich your ads on Google with star ratings and enhance reviewers’ user experience.

Note: If you're sending product review invitations via our ecommerce integrations, avoid setting up your catalog manually. Instead, when a product is purchased, it’ll automatically upload to your catalog.

Set up your product catalog

To set it up, you'll need to create a spreadsheet that contains your products’ details, using a program like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. Check out this article for a detailed tutorial on how to create the file in the right format and upload it to Trustpilot. 

Categorize your product catalog

You can group your products into categories to make them more searchable. You can categorize them individually, or in groups. When selecting a category, aim to be as specific as possible.

  1. In Trustpilot Business, go to Reviews > Product reviews > Product catalog.
  2. Under Product catalog, find the product that you want to categorize. Click the checkbox to select the products you'd like to categorize. If you want to categorize more than one, select all the relevant products.

  1. Use the Edit category drop-down to choose a category. If you'd like to add subcategories, click Show me all categories.

  1. A dialog box will appear. Choose your primary category in the first column, then any subcategories in the following columns. Once you're happy with your selections, click Update category.