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What happens after companies report reviews?

Reporting a review is the first step in a structured reporting process handled by our Compliance Team. This process can take time and what type of action is necessary depends on what the review has been reported for.

1. Reporting a review generates a ticket

When a company reports a review, it generates a ticket in the system used by our Compliance Team. This ticket enters a queue of requests to be assessed and handled by one of our Compliance Agents.

There's one exception. If a review is reported for the reason: "The reviewer has not had a genuine buying or service experience", the reviewer will be contacted directly.

In this second scenario, reporting a review automatically sends a standard email to the reviewer asking for documentation that shows their experience with the reviewed company. Reviewers are given 7 days to provide documentation. If the reviewer replies, their message goes into the queue of tickets in our system to be looked at by a Compliance Agent.

2. Our Compliance Team handles the ticket

Compliance Agents assess each ticket individually to see if there is a breach of our User Guidelines for the reason the review is reported. If we need the reviewer to change their review or provide further documentation, we'll enter into a dialogue with them. We explain what we need and allow the reviewer 7 days to take action.

However, if reviewers don't understand exactly what's needed, we may need to go back and forth several times with them. We handle these cases as quickly as we can, but complicated tickets take time to solve.

3. The review is put back online, or kept offline

Companies often want to know: Will I be notified about the outcome of a reported review? How will I know the result?

We notify businesses if a review is reinstated. Our Compliance Team sends an email to the email address attached to the company's business account. (Tip: If you haven't received these emails, try checking which email address is attached to your business account.)

If a review that has been reported is kept offline because the problems it was reported for have not been resolved, no notification is sent to the company who reported it.


If you have further questions about our reporting process, try checking our Support Center, or email compliance@trustpilot.com.



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